Performance marketing roles among top 15 fastest growing jobs in the world

Despite hiring slowing in many countries, the need to drive business growth is creating opportunities for marketing and sales professionals in 2023, LinkedIn research reveals.

Marketing and sales roles including Growth Marketing Manager, Customer Success Manager, Business Development Representative, and Sales Development Representative are among the top 15 fastest growing jobs globally, according to new research.   

LinkedIn’s quarterly Workforce Confidence Index report looked at confidence levels of professionals across the world, confidence among professionals in the UK to land a job remains steady year-over-year, and it remained at the same level in December 2022 in comparison to December 2021. 

This is good news, as LinkedIn’s labour market insights reveal that there are opportunities available for professionals with the right skills - and companies will still need to work hard to attract and retain talent.  

"The next wave of growth"

Olivier Sabella, Vice President, EMEA and Latin America for LinkedIn Talent Solutions said: “Marketing and sales, are among the fastest growing jobs globally, and are crucial for organisations as they look to weather the storm and come out stronger.

"In periods of uncertainty, it is easy for companies to become insular, but it is important to remain focused on customers - engaging with them, delivering value, and keeping your brand front-of-mind. Customer-centric roles are highly valued and present excellent opportunities for people who want to be part of their company’s next wave of growth."

Growth Marketing Manager is one of the fastest-growing roles in the UK, and in France it ranks number one on the list. 

Customer-centric roles and roles that support business growth, including Customer Success Manager, Sales Development Representative, and Business Development Representative, are also on the rise across the globe, particularly in India, Australia, the UAE, the Netherlands, Mexico, Germany, and the UK. 

LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index is based on a quantitative online survey that is distributed to LinkedIn members via email every day and aggregated every two weeks. It gives an accurate representation of those currently active in the workforce. 

Data is weighted by engagement level, to ensure fair representation of various activity levels on the platform. The results represent the world as seen through the lens of LinkedIn’s membership; variances between LinkedIn’s membership and overall market population are not accounted for. 

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