100 million TikTok views gets you a side hustle – worth the average UK salary

8.6 million YouTube views. 97 million TikTok views. No, we’re not talking about the latest stats, but what you’d need to earn the average UK salary with a social side hustle.

If you’re looking to supplement your income then you may be considering a side hustle.

But for budding TikTokers or YouTubers looking to join the band of ‘hustlers’ creating content with the intention of earning money – through Adsense or the TikTok Creator Fund for example – it pays to know just how much you will need to put in to get bang for your buck.

It’s not the best news for UK would-be side hustlers according to e-commerce SEO agency Reboot. Those that want to earn the average UK annual salary – currently pitted at just shy of £26,000 (€30,000) will need at least 8.6 million YouTube views.

To make the Adsense ad system work, YouTubers – wherever they’re based – will also need at least 1,000 subscribers – and your videos need 4,000 hours viewing a week.

Those thinking that TikTok will prove more lucrative given the platform’ popularity and exponential growth will be shocked to learn that it will take more than 97 million (97,488,739 to be exact) views to earn the average UK salary. You’d also need 10,000 followers to start using TikTok’s Creator Fund regardless of the country you’re broadcasting from.

Hustlers across Europe – the views required

The UK fares better for social media prospects than some other parts of Europe. In Switzerland, where the average salary is €67,860, prospective side hustlers would need to secure more than 19 million YouTube views and a staggering 218,772,523 TikTok views to see enough to cover the pay in their day job. At the other end of the scale in Turkey, where citizens earn an average €3,672, they would need their content viewed just over one million times on YouTube and almost 12 million times on TikTok.

Reboot used social media calculator Lickd to establish how many views on YouTube and TikTok you’d need to earn at least as much as you’re paid at work – the results show that it’ll take a while before you can jack in your job!

There’s also the competition – data from the search Ahrefs shows that searches for “how to make money on YouTube” stand at 44,000 a month, with TikTok not far behind at a monthly 35,000 hits,

Back in the UK, Reboot also looked at the number of views needed to secure an average-priced home. Perhaps unsurprisingly, prospective buyers are the most likely to have their work cut out in London – where at an average £529,839 price for a home – you’d need more than 176 million YouTube views or almost two billion TIkTok views to cover the cost.

If your house search is further North, then the viewing numbers ease, but are no picnic. To secure a home in the North-East at the average price (£155,215) purely on social earnings would require more than 51 million YouTube views, or a count of almost 600 million on TikTok.