2022 FIFA World Cup: EMPIRE and Anzu used mobile gaming to bring soccer fans the sweet symphonies of Afro Pop

American record label EMPIRE joined forces with in-game advertising platform Anzu to promote Afro Pop artist Kizz Daniel’s latest single during the FIFA World Cup.

Following a successful live performance at last year’s FIFA World Cup, Kizz Daniel’s record label EMPIRE leveraged the opportunity to marry music with football through the use of in-game advertising within iOS’s number one sports title as part of a cross-channel promotional campaign.

Partnering with Anzu, EMPIRE placed ads within the hit mobile game ‘Soccer Super Star’ to bring the Afro Pop artist’s latest track, “Cough”, to players located in countries that were competing in the quarter-finals of the tournament.

Natalia Vasilyeva, EVP Marketing & Strategy at Anzu said: “Using gaming as an extension of a real-world campaign or experience is nothing new, especially in sports games, as we are used to seeing ads in these environments in the real world, and in-game advertising allows advertisers to bring their campaigns to stadiums, courts, and arenas, enhancing game realism. However, this campaign was unique because it allowed us to help EMPIRE tap into the excitement of the FIFA World Cup and expose an overlap between sports and music fans.”

Players “30 times more likely to visit music-related website”

Comscore data shows players of Soccer Super Star are up to 30 times more likely to visit music-related websites, highlighting the established union between mobile sports gaming and music. This latest campaign strengthened that assertion, achieving a 99.91% in-view rate, per Oracle Moat.

After becoming synonymous with football following his performance, Daniel and EMPIRE’s initiative speaks volumes of how creative artists and brands have become when attempting to reach a desired audience. The use of interactive performance marketing channels allow for flexibility in terms of geographical location, medium and measurability.

Peter Kadin, SVP Marketing at EMPIRE said: “We previously worked with Anzu on a campaign for another artist Babyface Ray and saw huge success and interest from players for his music. When we learned that Anzu was able to bring our latest campaign to the most popular sports title on iOS and allow us to hone in on our target audience of World Cup fans, working with them again was a no-brainer.”