The Surreal deal: how a plucky new cereal brand is eating its rivals for breakfast

Cereal startup Surreal knows exactly what it's doing. With KPIs for humour and subverting Black Friday, the brand is all about maximum impact with minimum spend.

They had a marketing strategy, but needed to find the right sector to make an impact – a sector that according to them hasn't seen innovation since the invention of Cornflakes in 1894: cereal.

With cereal being a large part of most people's childhood, founders Jac and Kit wanted to bring this playful fun back to adults' breakfast time, but without the sugar and extra trips to the dentist.

In this interview with PMW, Co-founder Kit Gammel and Senior Creative John Thornton (previous Attention Seeker) explain how they focused on power of message to reduce volume of spend, subverted Black Friday and use data to inform their success.