Weaning off the quick sales addiction: new report offers 3 step guide to long-term customer success

Merkle outlines how long-term customer relationships should be prioritised over short-term boosts to profits.

Merkle, a customer experience management (CXM) company, has released its latest Customer Experience Imperatives guide.

Published annually, the guide intends to inform brands on how to close the “experience gap” for consumers and deliver a more complete, connected customer experience.

Following a hectic 2022 where brands were scrambling to quickly adopt the many emerging marketing technologies, the 2023 guide is urging brands to change their approach and invest smarter, not faster.

With many brands and consumers still feeling the effects of the pandemic, Merkle believes an emphasis on fostering long-term, loyal relationships with new and existing customers will serve brands better than short-term tactics aimed at increasing sales as quickly as possible without a focus on sustaining relationships.

Michael Komasinksi, Global CEO, Merkle, said: “The focus on advancing tech and capabilities in the recent past makes 2023 the perfect opportunity for brands to turn their focus inward to tackle the expectation economy.

“Just as companies had to shift their strategy toward customers, they will now need to shift their own mindsets and behaviours to refocus on their ‘why,’ providing customers with new or better ways to engage with their brand that deliver elevated experiences.”

The Imperatives

To achieve success, the guide identified three main principles:

1. Future proof your organisation

2. Reimagine your data and tech

3.Make every experience a path to commerce

Each principle is intended to illustrate the actionable steps required to promote more intimate customer relationships that have long-term success.

“If there’s one thing brands should take from these imperatives, it’s this: innovation and creativity must be your reward for doing the fundamentals well,” said Komasinski.

“When the foundation is there for a total experience approach – inclusive of sales, service, and commerce – a brand’s content and channels are working in sync to drive action and engagement beyond the point of transaction. Customers will turn from one-buy wonders to brand loyalists.”

The 2023 Imperatives are available in a downloadable ebook and are supported by a webinar series.