DV launches new tool to “verify viewability” on CTV at scale

The ‘TV off’ issue will be addressed with a new solution to plug the gap from lack of technical standards to measure in the CTV environment.

Digital media measurement platform DoubleVerify (DV) has launched a ‘first-to-market’ solution allowing advertisers to verify viewability on connected TV (CTV).

The scalable solution will let brands measure the delivery of the DV Authentic Ad – the platform’s proprietary MRC-accredited metric – on CTV, with criteria for authenticity including an ad to be fully viewed, by a real person, in a suitable environment within the intended geography.

“As CTV impressions continue to be sold at a premium, brands need insight into which platforms and environments offer the best viewability rates," said Mark Zagorski, Chief Executive Officer of DoubleVerify.

"This release enables advertisers to address growing challenges in CTV, such as the “TV off” issue, and offers insight into whether ads had the opportunity to make an impact across digital environments, in a consistent manner.”

Ad waste minimised

DV cited a recent test where one in four CTV environments and apps continued to play ads even after the TV was turned off. This ‘TV off issue” was estimated to cost advertisers more than $1bn in CTV ad wastage last year.

DV’s new solution – the first to offer an alternative to measure viewability in CTV – is geared to make up for the historical standards not being supported in CTV, and delays in releasing technical standards across the CTV ecosystem.

Zagorski added: "This capability also provides measurement parity across multi-screen campaigns, allowing advertisers to make better-informed campaign optimizations and increase budget efficiencies."