New mobile data analysis platform Skyrise launches following merger

Manchester-based agencies Regital and Skyrise Intelligence will harness mobile network data to offer ‘real world alternative to buying, planning, and measuring media'.

The merger has combined Regital’s programmatic marketing expertise with the audience targeting solutions of Skyrise Intelligence in the hopes of creating a real-world alternative to buying, planning and measurable media - ready for the privacy-centric world.

Ideally offering UK-based advertisers and agencies a unified view of media campaigns, Skyrise will utilise mobile network data sets to inform their insights, continuing on from both agencies past practice.

Michelle Vint, Co-Founder of Skyrise, said: “We are delighted to have successfully completed this transaction against what is unquestionably an uncertain economic backdrop.

“This is not only a transformational moment for both of the previous businesses, it is also a significant development within the UK advertising sector, creating a scaled-up business with an unrivalled view of real people.”

Paul Barnard, Managing Director of Skyrise, added: “Simplifying the businesses and coming together under one single brand is a key enabler to drive our future growth.

“The ‘Skyrise’ effect offers advertisers and agencies a real-world alternative to buying, planning, and measuring media. Powered by unrivalled data and insight.”

By joining forces with the two previous businesses, Skyrise stands to bring forth its programmatic offerings to a larger base of clients.

It offers these clients supposedly unique access to an array of privacy-first data sets, allowing brands the opportunity to analyse consumers by location, commuting patterns, demographic variance, weblog behaviours and more trend-setting metrics translated into visuals.