Nescafé’s new campaign hopes to emphasise that both its coffee and the planet are here to stay

To do its bit to challenge the ongoing climate crisis, Nescafé’s latest advertising push puts the company’s sustainability efforts at the forefront.

UK-based coffee brand Nescafé is launching an advertising initiative emphasising how the brand is attempting to prioritise sustainability in all facets of its business.

Underpinned by its promise that consumers can “expect more from every cup”, the new Nescafé Gold Blend campaign showcases that sustainability is at the forefront of how their coffee is grown, farmed, produced, packaged and used.

Having launched on 6 March, the multichannel performance campaign will air on TV and broadcast video on demand on ITV, Sky and Channel 4 as well as digital channels such as YouTube, Meta platforms and Pinterest.

Sophie Demoulin, Marketing Director for Nescafé Soluble Coffee at Nestlé UK and Ireland, said: “This new Nescafé Gold Blend campaign brings sustainability to the forefront of our communications. We want to take consumers on a journey and show them the sustainability behind their cup of Nescafé.

“‘Expect more from every cup’ means we are committed to making a positive impact on coffee farmers’ lives as well as on the planet.”

Making a tangible difference

The content within the creatives outlines some of the brand’s sustainability achievements, including 100% responsibly sourced coffee used in all Nescafé products made in the UK, the use of coffee grounds to help power the Nescafé factory in Derbyshire and the launch of a soft pack to refill glass jars.

According to the brand, this sustainability push is part of the Nescafé Plan, an initiative launched over a decade ago which has seen it work to make coffee farming practices more eco-friendly.

Building on these efforts, the company has launched the Nescafé Plan 2030 – a sustainability plan for the next decade endeavouring to help coffee farmers transition to regenerative agriculture practices, and in doing so, hopefully reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve farmers’ livelihoods.

Nescafé is also announcing the launch of a brand tagline – with communications worldwide now signed with “Make your world” – in the hopes of inspiring consumers to make a difference for themselves, their communities, and the planet.