NASCAR races into Roblox with new ‘NASCAR Speed Hub’

The virtual gaming experience endeavours to broaden NASCAR’s community of gamers in collaboration with other brands to celebrate 75 years.

NASCAR has launched an immersive experience called ‘NASCAR Speed Hub’ on the online gaming platform and game creation system, Roblox.

Partnering with metaverse studio Dubit for the development and including a collaboration with Badimo, developers of popular Roblox game Jailbreak, the NASCAR Speed Hub allows players to design their cars, unlock exclusive virtual items, play mini-games and connect with other experiences on the platform.

Nick Rend, NASCAR’s Managing Director of Gaming and Esports, said: “This is the next step in expanding NASCAR’s presence in the metaverse and engaging with the community in unique and creative ways.

“At NASCAR, we want to encourage the emerging generation of digital natives to manifest their passion for NASCAR racing their own way. NASCAR Speed Hub on Roblox is an exciting new space that lets players create and evolve their NASCAR story on their terms.”

The immersive experience is NASCAR’s first venture into Roblox and is filled with social experiences aimed at allowing users to learn about NASCAR Racing in a fun, creative and playful environment. It endeavours to capitalise on the Roblox platform to create a broader community of NASCAR gamers.

Although the venture offers a myriad of different gameplay options, the main event of the launch is a time trial that allows players to collect digital currency and upgrade their car – a critical component if a user has ambitions to create a car fast enough to compete for bragging rights on the global leaderboard.

Co-branding within the platform

Released alongside NASCAR’s 75th anniversary, the Speed Hub promotes the milestone as a consistent theme within its gameplay, in partnership with other Roblox games.

The mini game ‘Quest for Diamonds’ sees NASCAR’s 75th anniversary diamonds spread throughout partner games also accessed on the hub. Jailbreak players who complete a time trial in the NASCAR Speed Hub will earn a limited edition NASCAR-themed 75th anniversary skin for their vehicle.

The co-branding venture with Jailbreak hopes to merge two gaming communities into one, expanding both offering’s audience and increasing awareness of the anniversary ahead of a new vehicle launch coming to the game soon.

Alex Balfanz, Co-Founder of Badimo, said: “NASCAR's passion for community building on the Roblox platform is remarkable.

“Our fans loved the Jailbreak x NASCAR experience and the virtual items we previously launched are some of the most talked about in our community.”

NASCAR has also said it plans to continually upgrade the Speed Hub by adding additional user generated and official content in the coming months.