How Forever Unique and ROI Hunter tripled conversions in just one month with Google Shopping

Take a high-end fashion retailer’s need to increase conversion rates, add product performance data from channels and custom sources, integrate it for a single source of truth, and see a Google Shopping campaign that delivers a rise in ROAS of 43%.

Forever Unique worked with ROI Hunter to run a new Google Shopping campaign, leading to three times more conversions and more than doubling revenue in just one month. Its return on ad spend (ROAS) figure also increased by 43%.

The challenge

UK fashion brand Forever Unique caters for women who are after accessible and affordable luxury products. Established by Seema Malhotra and her husband Sandeep in 2008, it has become a go-to retailer for celebrities on the red carpet.

In the fast-paced industry of fashion where campaigns have short windows in which to succeed and consumer demands are ever changing, Forever Unique needed greater insight to inform decision making. To fuel successful campaigns and achieve brand growth and improved revenue, Forever Unique identified the need to address its e-commerce conversion rates.

As a first step, the retailer contacted its marketing agency Digital Media Team, which introduced Forever Unique to product performance management specialists ROI Hunter, with a particular focus on its Smart Shopping solutions.

The solution

ROI Hunter set Forever Unique up with its Product Insights feature, which gathers product performance data from across a customer’s channels and custom sources, and integrates it with their feed, creating a single source of truth. With this data, Forever Unique was able to identify their bestseller products based on the amount of revenue they each generated.

Armed with this data, Forever Unique filtered its catalogue for these bestseller products, created a dynamic product group, and launched a new bestseller campaign around it. This campaign was ideal for scaling, as Forever Unique could be sure the products that resonated most with customers were the ones being actively promoted, rather than products with lower revenue generation.

The product group was also set to update in real-time when new products that met the filter’s criteria were added to the catalogue, ensuring that it was always current and promoting the right products.

The results

Forever Unique’s bestseller Google Shopping campaign saw an immediate impact. In the space of a single month, revenue more than doubled and conversions tripled when compared with previous campaigns, which had included all products in the product group.

Results: Forever Unique and ROI Hunter go Google Shopping

Revenue: increased by 289%

Conversions: increased by 328%

ROAS: increased by 43%

“The impact in such a short window for an established brand”

Karel Schindler, CEO at ROI Hunter said: “It’s fantastic to see the impact in such a short window for an already successful and established brand such as Forever Unique. Gaining visibility into product performance is critical to the success of choosing the right products to put at the front and centre of campaigns.

“For a fast-moving industry like fashion, being able to review progress and adapt in real time is a competitive edge that can make all the difference. With ROI Hunter, brands such as Forever Unique are able to identify the items which will yield the greatest return on investment and increase conversions, and communicate to ad networks like Google that these are the products to promote.”