Netflix powers-up ad measurement tools as hybrid tier ‘hits one million subscribers’ in US

DoubleVerify and IAS partnerships help marketers authenticate whether or not real-life human beings were viewing ads on the video streaming platform.

Netflix has announced two ad partnerships to help ensure video ads are safe from fraud and invalid traffic and are fully viewable by real people – allowing them to fulfil essential quality standards.

The announcement follows a news report that one million accounts are now signed up to Netflix’s ad-supported tier in the US.

The internal figures, seen by Bloomberg, suggest that the video streaming giant is recovering from a slow initial take up of its cheaper tier. Figures from January suggest that 19% of new signups in the US opted for the $6.99 ad-supported tier, according to analytics firm Antenna.

Attracting new subscribers rather than ‘downgraders’? 

In its report, Bloomberg warned that the internal data it saw is “at least '' a month old, and that it doesn’t account for multiple users watching via the same account. But the publication notes that most ad-supported subscribers appear to be new to the service, rather than users downgrading from a traditional ad-free plan.

Now Netfflix is hoping to woo more advertisers to the platform by promising more robust viewer measurement figures, via partnerships with the martech companies that worked with Twitter recently.

Netflix’ promise to “maximise performance” of ads

The first partnership, with DoubleVerify (DV), leverages DV’s technology and data to help Netflix advertisers ensure their video ads are safe from fraud and invalid traffic (“IVT”), and are fully viewable by real people. 

In November 2022, Netflix launched its ad-supported tier. DV was one of the few measurement providers selected to extend coverage to Netflix. 

Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify, said: “Our partnership ensures that Netflix campaigns fulfil essential quality standards that drive optimal outcomes. At DoubleVerify, we are committed to delivering innovative, accredited, and independent quality measurement products that maximise advertising performance. We continue to expand our unmatched coverage across CTV platforms like Netflix, and wherever advertisers engage consumers of premium video."

DV solutions are currently in beta for Netflix advertisers and the two are also developing solutions for brand safety and suitability.  

Going beyond traditional TV ratings

The second partnership, with Integral Ad Science (IAS), aims to ensure advertising campaigns running on Netflix are delivered fraud-free and are seen by real viewers.

IAS’s independent, third-party ad verification program for Netflix goes beyond traditional television ratings, enabling brands and agencies to gain insights on campaign reach and engagement. 

“Marketers now have powerful new tools to ensure that the ads they run on Netflix are engaging viewers,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, IAS. “By launching this partnership, advertisers can invest with confidence as they look to expand their media strategies to Netflix’s premium inventory.”

IAS’s verification program for Netflix is now live in all of the 12 Netflix ad-supported countries and across all platforms  – connected televisions, computers, and mobile.

Netflix currently has 221 million paid memberships in over 190 countries.