Olivia Wilde’s directing debut with Amazon headlines Prime’s push to make people’s lives easier

“It’s on Prime” is a global campaign across several digital channels aimed at encouraging Prime’s members to embrace their uniqueness and use the platform’s offerings to improve their lives, everyday.

A new commercial directed by actor and filmmaker Olivia Wilde is spearheading Amazon Prime’s latest global campaign aimed at highlighting how Prime can make daily life easier for its users.

Debuting during last week’s Academy Awards, the commercial intends to launch Amazon’s new initiative around the unifying theme “It’s on Prime”, celebrating the benefits of the Prime platform including free delivery, movies, series and music, via one subscription.

The advert itself subverts the stereotype that facial hair doesn’t belong on women and takes viewers on a journey ending in a young woman feeling empowered by embracing her initially unwanted facial hair - with the help of Prime’s benefits to decorate her bedroom with inspirational posters and play music that makes her feel uniquely herself and grow her newfound confidence.

“It’s on Prime” hopes to inform the world that its platform caters to individuals at any stage of life.

In addition to the commercial, other campaign ads will run in digital media featuring Prime’s benefits, with an emphasis on the themes of inclusivity and entertainment. Each ad will be coupled with colourful and vivid images of more of the everyday items available to members on the platform.