System1 adds an audio-only element to its ‘Test Your Ad’ tool

‘Test Your Ad Audio’ allows advertisers to optimise their audio adverts for different audience segments to maximise their impact and subsequent market share growth.

Advertising effectiveness platform System1 has expanded its ad benchmarking tool with the incorporation of a ‘Test Your Ad Audio’ element.

Test Your Ad’s current functionality measures viewers’ and listeners’ emotional responses to video and static creatives and assigns ads a Star Rating, from 1 to 5.9-Stars, based on their ability to drive market share growth.

The expansion of the tool will allow advertisers to predict both the short and long-term commercial impact of audio ads running on radio and streaming services, including podcasts and music streaming apps.

Growth of audio ad-spend

Global podcast ad spend reached $2.6bn in 2022, according to WARC. Additionally, 89% of the UK population listened to live radio for an average 20.3 hours per week in 2021 and there were 39 million monthly active users of music streaming services that same year.

Test Your Ad Audio hopes to help advertisers capitalise on this global podcast listening growth and subsequent potential ad revenue by helping them evaluate their advert’s likely market share growth at different points along the development pipeline.

Ad development and segmentation flexibility

The new tool is compatible with MP3 uploads, giving advertisers the freedom to upload and test commercials in either draft or finished formats. It also offers flexibility in terms of user segmentation, as advertisers can test ads among a general population or customise samples to gain insights from a specific target audience.

As with video and static tests, the audio element of the tool will provide a Spike Rating and Fluency Rating in addition to an overall Star Rating. The Spike Rating indicates the ad’s short-term sales potential and the Fluency Rating measures an ad’s potential to increase brand recognition. An optional Guidance add-on provides insights from System1’s team of experts on how to enhance the creative effectiveness of an ad too.

Jon Evans, Chief Customer Officer at System1, said: “We’re thrilled to add yet another ad format to our Test Your Ad platform that brands and agencies can leverage to enhance the commercial impact of their creative.

“Test Your Ad Audio gives advertisers a quick and clear way to understand whether their messaging will support brand building and means a Test Your Ad option now exists for video, image-based and audio ads - offering a one-stop-shop for creative effectiveness testing and insights.”