Top 5 adtech tools this week: Reddit, Hawk, Signifyd, Calendly and Veridooh

From matching search data to poster and audio campaigns to next-gen CRM, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Each week, the PMW editorial team selects five top picks of the latest product releases from the adtech and martech worlds, with our verdict on why they made the cut – and why you should pay attention.

This week: 

  • Reddit: Ads Manager revamp to optimise community reach 

  • Hawk and Captify: matching search data to DOOH and audio for the first time

  • Signifyd and Adobe: offering ad fraud and abuse protection

  • Calendly: optimising the CRM process with new ‘Routing’ Tool

  • Veridooh and iQOOH: independent verification for DOOH 

Reddit revamps Ads Manager to optimise community reach 

Social media platform Reddit has updated its Ads Manager to make campaigns easier to set up and more intuitive for advertisers.

How it works

Reddit has introduced a ‘Simple Create’ flow to its ad tools to help advertisers build a campaign in three steps (create an ad, set up targeting and budgets, and select payment). Meanwhile, ‘Automated Ad Creation’ lets advertisers build and test multiple sets of ad variations on the platform to see what messaging resonates most strongly with their target audience – saving them time previously spent building new ads one-by-one. 

What the provider says

Reddit’s EVP of Ads Monetization, Shariq Rizvi said: “As we continue to scale our business and welcome advertisers from all corners of the world, we want their experience to be easy, intuitive and dynamic – these updates are a direct result of us listening to and improving based upon the needs of new and longtime advertisers on the platform.”

The PMW view

Reddit has carved an identity as a viable, community-led alternative to the likes of Meta and Google – and now the ‘front-page of the internet’ is making it easier for advertisers to access the platform's 100,000+ communities seeking different things from their Reddit Ads experience.


Hawk and Captify match search data to DOOH and audio for the first time

A collaboration between omnichannel advertising platform Hawk and search intelligence platform Captify introduces a unique dataset to digital out-of-home (DOOH) and audio media trading. 

How it works 

For the first time, online search behaviour will be integrated into the targeting and measurement capabilities for these traditionally offline channels. Brands and agencies using Hawk’s platform can pinpoint regions to focus their DOOH and audio advertising with Captify data that shows where intent for brands, products and services is surging. Captify’s data also delivers understanding of consumers who are ready to buy – to uncover previously unknown correlations and identify new audiences, thereby broadening the opportunities for advertising.

What the providers say 

Dan Reed, Head of Trading and Platform Sales at Hawk UK said: “Working with Captify, the largest holder of onsite search intent, provides Hawk clients with a brand-new dataset for DOOH and audio advertising that is not available on these channels anywhere else. Combining this with Hawk’s omnichannel reach and in-built measurement tools puts a stake in the ground for the future of advertising as brands look to streamline their activities with effective campaigns that deliver tangible results and quantifiable ROI.”

Amelia Waddington, SVP of Product at Captify, added: “Hawk offers unrivalled scale across DOOH and audio channels throughout Europe. Powering this high impact inventory with Captify Search Intelligence enables a compelling cycle: understanding intent behaviour fuels the targeting and delivery of an ad, the ad drives awareness, consideration and search behaviour, which can then be measured so that the effectiveness of a campaign can be determined, with that insight fed back and optimisations made as required.”

What OOH industry leaders say

Dom Kozak, Head of Programmatic at JCDecaux UK, said: “This is the first time that online search data has been available for DOOH, making the Hawk and Captify integration a major step for the whole industry. It brings a new dimension to the OOH market that, by linking in audience targeting and campaign measurement, will drive it forward and enable it to deliver ever more effective and accountable advertising.”

The PMW view

This collaboration between two big players in the adtech space comes as DOOH and audio are forecast by WARC Media to be the fastest growing channels in 2023, with investment increasing globally by 13.2% and 10.8% respectively. A recent JCDecaux report further proved the need for this partnership. ‘Programmatic DOOH: The Time is Now’ found that 45% of programmatic DOOH marketers cited better measurement as a key growth driver for the channel, while 36% sought better targeting, 32% listed behavioural data and 31% specified the ability to connect online and offline data.


Signifyd and Adobe partner to offer fraud and abuse protection 

Digital commerce protection provider Signifyd has joined forces with Adobe to provide Adobe Commerce customers with industry-leading fraud and abuse protection. 

How it works 

Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform uses vast transaction intelligence from thousands of merchants globally to instantly sift the fraudulent from legitimate orders — simultaneously protecting the enterprise from risk while increasing the number of legitimate orders that are fulfilled. Signifyd’s technology increases order approvals by an average of 5% to 9%, according to a before-and-after analysis of a sampling of merchants that have deployed the Commerce Protection Platform.

What the providers say

“We have long admired Adobe Commerce’s commitment to providing exceptional customer experience in the online world,” said Signifyd Chief Business Officer Indy Guha. “As an Adobe Platinum Partner providing commerce protection, Signifyd can now amplify those customer experience efforts by providing unparalleled fraud and abuse protection along with proven conversion uplift.” 

What the clients say

“We set out to build an online experience that matched the innovative heritage and premium feel of our versatile product lines while putting consumers’ needs at the centre of it all,” said Sue Beckett from home furnishing firm Lovesac.

The PMW view

In a time where seamless digital experience is becoming increasingly important, this partnership empowers retailers to provide elevated customer buying journeys while optimising revenue and increasing conversion rates.

Calendly aims to optimise CRM process with new ‘Routing’ Tool

Calendly has launched a solution built to empower marketing teams to qualify, route, and schedule meetings with high-value leads and customers instantly from their company’s website.

How it works

Routing integrates directly with Marketo, HubSpot, and Salesforce to help sales, marketing, and customer success teams close deals faster using the industry tools baked into their existing tech stacks. 

A customer can book a meeting after completing a HubSpot, Marketo, or Calendly Routing Form on the desired company’s website. The solution can also automatically match existing customers and potential leads to their account owner from Salesforce before prompting them to schedule a meeting. 

What the provider says

“The most effective, well-oiled revenue machine teams know that if you’re not engaging with a lead at their moment of interest, you’re creating a poor customer experience and opening the door to competitors reaching them first,” said Jessica Gilmartin, CMO at Calendly. “We are excited to drive even more value for our customers by helping them achieve a more efficient and easy sales process with Calendly Routing.”

What the client says

Bryce Kropf, Senior Sales Manager at, said: “The potential to convert inbound leads into qualified demos – with the right account executive – is what intrigued us about Calendly Routing. We’re seeing an incredible 70% conversion rate of meetings booked through the form. The experience is clearly resonating with customers and it’s driving better end-results for our sales and marketing teams.”

The PMW view

Brands are investing twice as much in an effort to survive this economic instability – in fact, 95% of marketing leaders reported an increase in the volume of campaign and content requests in the last year. However, 74% of marketing teams still struggle with a disconnected workflow and meeting expectations - a rpoblem that Calendy is hoping to help solve with this streamlining CRM tool.

Veridooh partners with iQOOH as demand for independent verification grows

Adtech company Veridooh has partnered with digital out-of-home (DOOH) media owner iQOOH to give more advertisers the ability to independently track and measure their OOH campaigns.

How it works

Through the partnership, all iQOOH clients will be able to verify their DOOH campaigns. Veridooh SmartCreative solution independently collects all the data needed to track, measure, and verify the performance of DOOH campaigns. The technology provides more than 400 metrics on campaign delivery in one dashboard. iQOOH was launched by OOH executives Tim de Monte and David Peters and will grow to a network of 400+ large-format digital screens across the UK. 

What the providers say

IQOOH co-founder David Peters said: “We built iQOOH with accountability and transparency at its core and making Veridooh’s independent verification solution available to our advertisers helps us promote these values. If advertisers can see exactly how their campaign is performing, they can better understand how OOH is helping their brand grow and delivering on key objectives, which is more important than ever in the current climate.” 

Veridooh Co-founder Mo Moubayed said: “It’s exciting to partner with an innovative media supplier to help marketers and buyers understand the value they are getting from their OOH investment. Since launching into the UK last year, we’ve seen strong interest from local advertisers in independent verification so it’s great to work with local media owners and provide our solution to more brands.”

The PMW view

DOOH continues to evolve at a rapid pace and this partnership is geared towards giving advertisers an added layer of trust and transparency in the sector as more ad dollars roll in. The combination of the old-school experiential impact of posters with new-school measurement and verification presents exciting new opportunities for advertisers to measure what was previously thought unmeasurable.