Actimel enters Fortnite to help fight off virtual zombies

Brand activation intends to expose its immunity-boosting offerings to new audiences by first helping gamers’ virtual characters stay safe.

Dairy brand Actimel has entered the gaming universe, integrating with Fortnite for a limited time to boost players in-game immunity with a custom brand integration.

Immunity Station by Actimel will appear on Apfel’s ‘Zombie Hunter’, one of Fortnite’s trending maps, until 15 May and will help users top up their character with an extra shield potion for additional immune support - specifically a 30 second protection, in the form of an aura, to fight off the enemy and slay oncoming zombies.

Integration into the metaverse is intended to drive awareness of the brand and its immunity-boosting dairy offerings among different audiences. Amplified by a series of digital films rolled out on the brand’s ecosystem as well as paid media, the initiative is also using influencer marketing to promote the integration.

Popular UK-based gaming influencer, Vikram Singh Barn - more commonly known as Vikkstar123 - is producing content throughout the campaign to share with his community and provide them with a step-by-step guide on how to interact with Actimel’s Immunity Station.

Rachel Wright, Head of Marketing at Danone UK & Ireland, said: “The gaming industry has always been on the leading edge of digital innovation. We’re excited to bring a unique integration with a clear solution to Fortnite’s engaged audience to show how Actimel can be incorporated into your daily routine.

“With our recent research showing that nearly a third of Brits lack knowledge in knowing how to support their immune system health, this is a unique and interesting way for us to show how we are bringing immune support to the top of consumers' agenda.

“This is a first of its kind for the brand, integrating into the metaverse, and one of many plans we have in place for this year to drive awareness for Actimel and its own offerings of supporting the immune system.”

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