Top 5 adtech tools this week: Bytebrew, Kevel, Bria, IAS and DESelect

From mobile game ad optimisation to fighting marketing fatigue via CRM tools, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Each week, the PMW editorial team selects five of the latest product releases from the adtech and martech worlds, with our verdict on why they made the cut – and why you should pay attention.

This week: 

  • Bytebrew and Mintegral: boosting mobile game ad measurement 

  • Kevel: a CDP for the new retail media landscape

  • Bria and NVIDIA: a generative AI visual content solution for enterprises

  • IAS: verification tools for Amazon Publisher Services Connections Marketplace

  • DESelect: 'Engage' platform identifies oversaturated and undersaturated contacts.

Bytebrew boosts mobile game ad measurement with Mintegral partnership

Mobile game analytics platform ByteBrew has partnered with Mintegral to provide analytics and attribution measurement.  

How it works 

This partnership will give app and game developers using ByteBrew access to free analytics and ad attribution on their Mintegral campaigns, allowing their customers to evaluate and optimise ad performances at no additional cost. By using the full and free suite of tools made available on the platform, developers can track their users’ installs from each of their ad sources using ByteBrew’s attribution measurement. 

What the provider says

“We created ByteBrew to eliminate the growth barriers that prevent developers from building and scaling the games that they are so passionate about perfecting for their players,” comments Kian Hozouri, Co-founder and COO of ByteBrew. “By partnering with Mintegral we’re adding a fantastic new partner to the list of connected attributing networks in our extensive tools, and removing another brick from the walled gardens that prevent a diverse mobile ecosystem from flourishing.”

The PMW view

Unlike typical attribution measurement where providers can charge up to $0.06, or as much as 15% of target install costs, on every single tracked install, ByteBrew aims to stand out by providing mobile games advertisers with free uncapped attribution measurement, tracking and campaign performance analytics.

Kevel launches CDP for the retail media revolution

Advertising tech company Kevel has launched its Kevel Audience customer data platform. 

How it works

The platform will help marketers collect first-party data from a variety of sources, such as e-commerce websites, apps, brick-and-mortar stores, or through CRM systems. It then unifies and segments users, and allows the personalised audience to be activated wherever a brand needs it – from social media and ad campaigns to email campaigns and onsite personalisation. A broad variety of metrics can also be analysed in the platform’s reporting. Deployed in individual Amazon Web Services (AWS) data silos, Kevel Audience will also provide individualised ‘Recency, Frequency, Monetary’ segmentation, custom retail event predictions and a personalised marketing playbook.  

What the provider says

“We are in the midst of a retail media rebellion in the advertising and marketing industry, and I’m proud to say that Kevel is leading the charge and empowering retailers to maximise their ROI across platforms,” says James Avery, CEO and Founder, Kevel. “We created this CDP out of a need to reset a landscape that continues to rely on platforms designed for speed and short-term results. With Kevel Audience, retailers can invest in themselves, take ownership of their data, and harness personalised user experiences without compromising.” 

The PMW view

In a post cookie landscape, unifying data sources for marketing purposes is becoming more important than ever. Kevel is aiming to entice clients with a next-gen CDP, built for long-term, future-proofed results that make a difference to the bottom line that are prioritised over speed and quick wins – breaking performance marketing out from the bottom of the funnel.


Bria teams with NVIDIA for generative AI visual content solution for enterprises 

Visual AI firm Bria is offering its advanced generative AI technology on NVIDIA Picasso, part of the new NVIDIA AI Foundations cloud service.

How it works 

Bria will have access to NVIDIA’s Picasso service to optimise inference and slash latency. The company helps enterprises to instantly create and modify visual content for social media posts, advertisements, and e-commerce images. Instead of scouring the web for images, its models are trained on licensed data which not only ensures  compliance with copyright law, but images that are used and produced adhere to the highest quality and safety standards.

What the provider says

Dr. Yair Adato, Co-founder and CEO of Bria, says: “By combining NVIDIA’s expertise with our unique generative AI platform, our integrated solution will equip marketing teams, agencies and product developers with the tools they need to rapidly scale their output.”

“Optimised inference is key to making generative AI practical for organisations to deploy and scale,” says Richard Kerris, Vice President, Developer Relations and Omniverse Platform, NVIDIA. “Running Bria’s tools on the NVIDIA AI Foundations Picasso service will help users quickly develop and refine their ideas and create professional-quality visual content.

The PMW view

With a number of generative AI visual tools being sued for allegedly breaking copyright laws, NVIDIA and Bria’s partnership presents an ethical and copyright safe entry point for marketers looking to tap into the generative AI art phenomenon.


IAS syncs up verification tools with Amazon Publisher Services Connections Marketplace

Integral Ad Science (IAS) has announced its Publisher Optimization solution is now available within the Amazon Publisher Services (APS) Connections Marketplace.

How it works

With IAS now the first verification provider accessible within the APS Connections Marketplace, publishers can leverage their existing APS connection to easily discover and onboard new tech solutions with a streamlined and more efficient adoption and integration process. APS is a suite of cloud services that helps publishers build, monetise, and grow their digital media business. 

What the provider says 

“IAS's presence within the Marketplace is an important step in addressing publishers’ needs to maximise inventory and increase revenue,” says Yannis Dosios, Chief Commercial Officer, IAS. “We are excited to open the door for publishers on APS to work with us to improve efficiency and yield by delivering advertisers’ KPIs for brand safety, ad fraud, viewability, and contextual relevance.”

The PMW view

Combining IAS brand safety and suitability tools with Amazon’s fast growing ads business presents another step forward for the e-commerce giant’s move into Google and Meta’s territory. Publishers can automatically optimise ad delivery down to the placement level for both direct and programmatic deals and, as a result, increase inventory yield with greater alignment with their advertisers’ brand safety and suitability priorities.


DESelect launches 'Engage' platform to combat marketing fatigue

Marketing firm DESelect has launched its Engage tool to inform marketers of who is at risk of oversaturation, as well as opportunities to further engage undersaturated contacts.

How it works

With audience saturation control, email campaigns more effectively reach and convert potential customers, rather than driving contacts to unsubscribe and mark content as spam. Self-controlled campaigns further help organisations maintain compliance with major government regulations such as the EU’s GDPR and the CAN-SPAM Act. These improved customer experiences ultimately lead to increased return on investment on marketing outreach efforts. 

To give marketers more control over campaign prioritisation, Engage offers two triage modes. Users can saturate based on custom rules for both contact and campaign types, allowing teams to test different combinations for more personalised experiences.

What the provider says

Jonathan van Driessen, CTO and Co-Founder of DESelect, says: "Engage defends organisations against costly unsubscribes and spam complaints that eliminate further revenue opportunities. As organisations grapple with economic uncertainty, Engage primes each potential customer for action with only the most relevant campaigns, maximising the impact of every dollar, euro, or pound spent on outreach."

The PMW view

Sometimes customer relationship management can feel like a slog, and the spam factor is hard to avoid. Amid a macro environment where marketing teams must increasingly scrutinise spend, DESelect is pitching this tool as a way to maximise the impact of every communication sent to each individual contact.