Barbie, Battlefield and branded Easter eggs: EA Games joins the Performance Marketing Unlocked podcast

In a Barbie world, brands dream of surprising and delighting consumers whilst leaving all the marketing up to their fans. In the first episode of the Performance Marketing Unlocked podcast series, EA Games’ Perla Bloom unlocks gaming communities and virtual spaces.

“We ain’t in Kansas anymore,” said EA Games’ Perla Bloom about the Barbie trailer. PMW’s Attention Seekers podcast has also had a little makeover.

After the success of our inaugural PMW Unlocked live event in the London ExCel, we are giving you the same top class speakers, actionable insights, and in-depth discussions from the event, but all year round.

We also want to hear from you via PMW’s new Linkedin community group, PMW Unlocked, where each week you can directly connect with the brand, ask questions to the community, and get early access to the podcast guests. 

Our News Shorts podcast will continue as a sub-series, where the editorial team will unlock the news behind the headlines in performance marketing in bitesize episodes.

The first episode of the Performance Marketing Unlocked begins with EA Games’ Global Marketing Strategy Manager, Perla Bloom. She discusses how to surprise and delight huge fanbases, easter eggs in the Barbie movie, and how NFTs can be more than their ‘finance bro’ reputation.

“Barbie is an IP that is so popular, they don't need to draw you in. It's not like selling milk or toilet paper. This is a franchise that has been around in our lifetimes, our parents, our grandparents, this is a huge, huge thing, and they can capitalise on that. 

“That's what's really interesting even about the industry I work in, gaming, we're working with people that are extreme fans that are already engaged. How can we surprise and delight the people that already know everything there is, even more?”

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