AI arms race: Making Science launches generative AI platform to outperform GPT-4

New generative AI platform insists it has overcome two significant issues currently faced by users of older Large Language Models like OpenAI.

Digital acceleration company Making Science has released its latest foray into the world of generative AI, launching a platform that integrates with OpenAI and Stable Diffusion to provide AI generative content validation and optimisation.

‘Trust Generative AI’, powered by Google Cloud Platform, is billed as solving two of the most significant challenges faced by users of systems like OpenAI - lack of first-party data and real-time information.

The new generative AI platform overcomes the limitations of data bias, lack of context and difficulty producing accurate personalisation by leveraging proprietary first-party data and external data currently unavailable in existing models like GPT-3 and GPT-4.

Timing of the launch hopes to capitalise on research revealed by the UK Government that just 15% of UK businesses have adopted at least one AI technology, such as ChatGPT or Bard.

With the potential benefits of generative AI, like higher levels of automation and increased efficiency, being left on the table by most UK businesses, Making Science hopes the added benefits of its new model will give them a competitive edge and convince more organisations to incorporate AI into their operations.

José Antonio Martínez Aguilar, CEO of Making Science, said: "Access to more efficient generative artificial intelligence opens up a world of possibilities for businesses that were unimaginable just two years ago.

“Trust Generative AI is a solution that delivers results based on proprietary and timely company data and LLMs generated by publicly available information. The challenges the solution helps to overcome will undoubtedly facilitate and encourage the adoption of generative AI.”