Samsung and Amazon invest in data clean rooms to bolster CTV ad measurement privacy

Data clean rooms appear to be the wave of the future for advertisers looking to expand their first-party data programs without jeopardising consumers’ privacy.

Samsung Ads has teamed up with Data collaboration platform InfoSum to further advance its in-house technology and create a clean room solution, preempting a similar move by Amazon announced earlier this week.

Data clean rooms are places where brands, retailers and platforms share aggregated and anonymised data opposed to personally identifiable customer-level data with advertisers. They are viewed by many as an emerging and increasingly important component of tech stacks, particularly as organisations prioritise and look to expand their first-party data programs.

The partnership will help Samsung Ads match and activate audiences in InfoSum’s privacy-first environment.

By applying privacy controls and differential techniques, InfoSum takes a “non-movement data” approach to its clean room to prioritise consumer privacy at every stage. This allows stakeholders to keep their first-party data separate and under their control.

Samsung’s Onboarding Partner Program launched in 2021 to offer advertisers the ability to plan and activate TV campaigns leveraging their first-party data. InfoSum’s Secure Data Clean Room will bolster this offering and allow Samsung’s advertising partners to match against Samsung’s Smart TV footprint, as well as through Samsung DSP.

Justin Evans, Global Head of Analytics & Insights at Samsung, said: “With more brands building out their own first-party data programs, marketers will be able to utilise Samsung Ads’ clean room to deliver targetable and measurable ad campaigns, and gain insights about linear and streaming TV viewing, based on the marketers’ own view of their consumers.”

Brian Lesser, Chairman and CEO at InfoSum, added: “InfoSum’s data clean rooms and ‘non-movement of data’ technology not only prioritises consumer privacy, it enhances it. Smart TVs have some of the most robust first-party data, and our clients can now match with the leader in the category, and the number one smart TV manufacturer in the world.”

Amazon adds Audience feature to AMC clean room solution

This news from Samsung broke just ahead of Amazon announcing its own investment in an update to its clean room solution, launching Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) Audiences globally.

AMC is billed as a secure, privacy-safe clean room in which advertisers can combine their own inputs with Amazon signals to create a full picture of customer journeys across channels and buying stages. Within AMC Audiences, brands can create and update their Amazon DSP audiences and activate them with just a few clicks.

With investment from several global brands it appears that clean rooms are here to stay, offering a way for advertisers to leverage their first-party data without putting customers’ privacy or control of their data at risk.