Top 5 adtech tools this week: Attest, Yext, Ocient, Intent IQ and Media HQ

From ‘no code’ website builds to AI optimised press releases, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Each week, the PMW editorial team selects five of the latest product releases from the adtech and martech worlds, with our verdict on why they made the cut – and why you should pay attention. 

This week: 

  • Attest: brands urged to ‘give up on gut decisions’

  • Yext: ‘no code’ website builder to boost SEO and LLM visibility

  • Ocient: beefed up analytics platform for adtech partners

  • Intent IQ: ID discovery services for video ad publisher platform Primis

  • Media HQ: ChatGPT AI press release writing software

Consumer research platform Attest calls on brands to ‘give up on gut decisions’ 

Attest is running a campaign promoting the newest version of its consumer research platform, urging brands to remove guesswork from their marketing playbook for good. 

How it works 

The Attest platform is designed to provide quality insights by making it easier to conduct regular research. The platform provides access to 125 million people across 58 countries and uses filters and quotas, alongside a survey builder with results returned in days. A new campaign video showcases the dangers facing brands that rely on instinct instead of data when making high-stakes decisions, featuring Attest CEO and founder Jeremy King donning a lab coat to walk through the ‘Guesswork Crime Lab’, where the most salacious brand crimes are investigated for their lack of consumer forethought. The campaign is rooted in reality as Jeremy started his career as a scientist focused on behaviour, genetics and ecology, long before he founded Attest in 2015. 

 What the provider says 

“In my early days as a scientist, I learned why guesswork is practically illegal in the world of science,” said Jeremy King, CEO and Founder of Attest. “Personal bias can derail even the greatest of experiments, resulting in massive, costly mistakes and error-filled conclusions. Yet, when I was just starting to dream up the idea for Attest, I was shocked to see that many businesses consistently fail to make decisions with anything like the inputs, objectivity and rigour that science demands – often using pure guesswork, gut feel or HiPPO (Highest Paid Person's Opinion). It happens constantly in the business world – even though the stakes are so high. We see the same mistakes again; flopped product launches, marketing that backfires, failing to understand consumer needs or choosing the right tone at the right time. Major decisions made without information have fatal consequences.”

The PMW view

Despite the wealth of new consumer data points,marketers still often admit to relying on guesswork when making crucial business decisions at a branding and performance marketing level. Attest hopes to highlight the risk of such guesswork in an era of weakening brand loyalty by mixing traditional market research with an instant and granular modern digital twist.


Yext launches ‘no code’ website builder to boost SEO and LLM visibility

Studio is a visual editor that enables technical and non-technical teams to build custom websites. 

How it works

The product allows users to leverage an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to develop statically generated, search engine-optimised web properties written in React, a popular open-source JavaScript library. Yext Pages is a decoupled presentation layer that integrates with the Knowledge Graph, a graph-oriented headless content management system (CMS). By pairing the Knowledge Graph with Pages, organisations can realise the same benefits of a traditional monolithic CMS while maintaining full flexibility to plug and play with different technologies.   

What the provider says 

"Studio represents a significant leap forward in empowering businesses to manage their full spectrum of digital experiences,” said Marc Ferrentino, President and Chief Operating Officer at Yext. “You shouldn’t need an army of developers or a computer science degree to build a great website. With Studio, anyone, regardless of technical expertise, can efficiently build a website that is not only visually stunning, but also fully optimised for performance and scalability. We're thrilled to offer this game-changing tool to our customers and can't wait to see the incredible websites they'll create."   

The PMW view

This accessible tech from Yext aims to free up developers for larger projects and give other employees the freedom to make updates, create one-off pages, or build entire websites, without needing technical expertise. The recent addition of Content Generation to the Knowledge Graph makes this pairing particularly well-suited for organisations looking to scale their SEO and content strategies with large language models (LLMs). 

Ocient beefs up analytics platform for adtech partners

New tools deliver hyperscale online analytical processing (OLAP) and real-time analytics at ‘petabyte scale’ for a growing base of adtech customers.

How it works

Ocient has grown its initial campaign forecasting solution into bid shading, bid price optimisation, bid quality optimization, troubleshooting, audience segmentation, price basket analysis, and more. In addition, Ocient leverages its hyperscale stream loading and transformation capabilities to cost-effectively pre-aggregate bidder log and impression data across many dimensions, powering continuous delivery of rapid insights for campaign analytics and attribution. Ocient works with adtech providers such as MediaMath and Basis Technologies.

What the provider says

Chris Gladwin, Ocient CEO, said: “Advertising technology providers are driven by efficiency and that’s why we’re seeing so much traction in this industry. The ability to harvest ad exchange data faster, deliver greater customer ROI, and accelerate the launch of new products and services powered by more data is opening new revenue opportunities for our customers while streamlining the operational burden and complexity for driving bottom-line growth.”

The PMW view

Data is now king in marketing and Ocient is aiming to position itself as the go-to provider of large scale analytics for tech vendors in the information age. The expansion of Ocient’s in-database machine learning and geospatial analytics capabilities opens up new opportunities for adtech customers to harvest more insights from more sources and from larger volumes of historical data.



Intent IQ continues ID discovery services for video ad publisher platform Primis 

Intent IQ teams with video discovery company Primis for bid enhancement service to better identify IDs in a cookieless environment.

How it works 

Primis works with publishers to grow their video views and ad revenue. It is used by hundreds of digital publishers and empowers over 450 million unique visitors a month with an engagement-based video experience. Intent IQ’s bid enhancement solution is implemented by Primis to better identify IDs in a cookieless environment by enabling data-driven addressability across all Primis’ network inventory.  Intent IQ’s identity device graph aggregated all of Primis’ publishers, SSP and DSP buyers’ IDs into a single Intent IQ universal, individual ID. These IDs unlocked potential cookieless inventory that was hiding in plain sight.

What the providers say

“Once our bid enhancement technology was implemented, Primis saw double-digit revenue lift and unlocked cookieless demand for its publisher network both on header bidding and Open RTB,” said Roy Shkedi, Intent IQ Chairman. “We're excited to continue working closely with Primis in 2023 for its cookieless ID discovery needs.”  

"Not long after we started working with Intent IQ, we discovered that its bid enhancement services reduced both the hassle of maintaining the user sync management and our overall bidding costs. This resulted in high coverage and a wide range of ad supply with a click of a button,” said Eyal Betzalel, Co.CEO at Primis. “We are excited to be working with Intent IQ for the second year in a row and to see continued revenue lift from our unified, publisher IDs.” 

The PMW view

In programmatic ad marketplaces, around 40% of bids have no cookie IDs in place, according to Intent IQ's research. This is where adtech providers like Intent IQ’s Bid Enhancement Service comes in - to provide ad space sellers with their partner DSP and SSP IDs to boost revenues with more accurate targeting of ads. The technology is specifically designed to enable privacy-friendly cross-app, cross-site and cross-device targeting and attribution in a third-party cookieless world.


MediaHQ launches ChatGPT AI press release writing software

Media contacts database and press release distribution tool MediaHQ has launched its new ChatGPT AI press release writing software tool, powered by the Completion API from OpenAI.  

How it works

The software includes seven key prompts for the user to shape their press release, delivering quality headlines and press releases in a workflow, side by side with thousands of media contacts, press release distribution, detailed reporting and media relations productivity tools. It works in two phases. Firstly, the user can give a few small details, which will allow them to generate five possible headlines. They can then answer a number of additional prompts and get the full press release. The prompts give real definition and a consistent writing style to each press release and ensure that each story has the classic inverted pyramid structure common with typical news stories. The AI will also improve the sharpness of the message and the quotes given to it by making them more impactful on the audience. 

What the provider says 

MediaHQ CEO Jack Murray said: “This Artificial Intelligence powered press release writing software is a game changer. It will enable in-house PR teams and PR agencies to save thousands of hours of time on a PR function that is formulaic, yet often very inconsistently executed.” 

“The next step for MediaHQ is to add collaboration tools that will enable users to share their AI-generated press releases with clients or colleagues for comment, revision, and sign-off. This will make creativity in messaging and storytelling more open and collaborative, resulting in a smoother workflow and quicker outcomes that lead to more positive media coverage.”

The PMW view

Earned media is increasingly moving into the performance marketing space - measuring clicks, leads and conversions to attribute success in a communications strategy. Adding a generative AI element to press releases potentially frees up comms teams to focus on strategy and effectiveness.