Ding.com enlists GottaBe!’s expertise to connect UK’s ethnic minorities with internationally-based loved ones

Omnichannel campaign to launch across the UK using a mix of digital and in-person events in the hopes of connecting ethnic minority users with family and friends based abroad.

International mobile top-up brand Ding.com is attempting to help ethnic minorities reconnect with their loved ones internationally and has enlisted marketing agency GottaBe! for help.

The omnichannel campaign is launching across radio, TV, PR, programmatic and influencer marketing, as well as live events taking place across the UK in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Aimed at enabling users from all over the globe to connect with family and friends, the campaign’s initial run will be six months.

The size of the campaign and mix of channels is unprecedented for adverts targeting a smaller UK audience, but GottaBe! hopes increasing the scale will put a spotlight on Ding.com’s mission to help minority populations in the UK feel more at home.

Martin Rothwell, Client Relations Lead at GottaBe! said: "Our unique understanding of minority audiences, and our ability to effectively reach them will be integral to the success of our partnership with Ding.com.

“We are excited to work with the team at Ding.com to help them connect with their target audience, focusing on increasing category and brand awareness.”

Hannah Brotherton, Senior Brand Manager at Ding.com added: “GottaBe! bring a wealth of experience working within the community, particularly in the financial services sector. The partnership brings a unique knowledge of community that will help us reach key targets within the UK and across the globe.”