How doubled mortgage customer conversations

Getting a mortgage is incredibly complex, so how can marketers simplify the sales funnel? Hubspot’s CRM platforms helped smooth the journey.

Purchasing a home is often one of the biggest financial decisions in a customer’s life, making for a rather complex sales funnel.

Online mortgage broker aims to provide current and potential customers with 24/7 online support and dedicated experts to help and guide homeowners. 

Yet to create an easier, more convenient mortgage match for Britons meant had to find an easier, more convenient way to reach and support customers.

The challenge faced a couple of challenges along the customer journey. To put the proof in the pudding of its mission, it needed to correct these in order to see further results and growth. 

Previously, each team had been using its own tools. The sales team had their own methods that were built internally, while the marketing teams worked with Mailchimp. Operations worked primarily in Excel spreadsheets and customer communications were established manually. All of this created an inconsistent journey for customers and disjointed the way in which teams could collaborate. 

Processes around data collection needed much improvement too. All teams needed information at individual customer level but without cross-functional data collection, meaning teams could not build a complete view of customer interactions through the sales funnel.’s fear was that, as a result of this, customers may have also felt like they were falling between the gaps getting shifted from team to team.

To combat these issues, turned to HubSpot.

The solution

To create a smooth-sailing customer experience, implemented a number of HubSpot’s products, including its Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Operations Hub, CMS Hub, The Full CRM Platform and Service Hub. 

Using the same systems means that teams are now synergised, leading to complete alignment across marketing, sales, and operations teams. As a result, the branding and tone across communications is standardised. Customer data is now centralised so that any team member can easily pick up conversations without creating continuity issues for their customers.

“Bringing in HubSpot has allowed us to solve a number of business and organisational challenges,” Tom says. “It makes it much easier for sales, ops and marketing to work together, both before and after the sale.”

And by creating this unification across teams using HubSpot, has tightened the sales pipeline. Thanks to the design of a multi-touchpoint customer contact strategy, customer contact rates and the number of customer touch points has increased.

The results created more than 15 personalised journeys based on different customer pathways. What that means for customers is the experience is smoother as there is more relevant content for different customers. Shorter journeys have been implemented to nurture the ‘researchers’ – those who aren’t ready to transact yet. And the ‘transactions’ who are ready to move forward now have a frictionless purchase experience. has seen a 50% increase in meaningful customer conversations through HubSpot.

“At, we know that securing a mortgage deal is a huge milestone,” said Tom Hodgson, Director of Revenue Operations at “That's why we want to make sure customers feel supported every step of the way, whether they're prospective buyers or coming back to us as long-term customers. Before we started using HubSpot, our tools and data collection processes were inconsistent and disorganised. It was hard for us to work together effectively. Now, with HubSpot, we're better equipped to serve our customers and make their mortgage journey as smooth as possible.”