Beyond the pint glass – Beavertown Brewery on the Performance Marketing Unlocked podcast

The marketing double act from Beavertown Brewery and PR agency Here Be Dragons push creativity to its extremes – so how does this translate into performance marketing? PMW sit down with the pair to unlock creativity within performance channels.

How do you ask the Archbishop of Canterbury for your ball back? Well that's what this week's guest duo Tom Rainsford (Marketing Director, Beavertown Brewery) and Paul McEntee (CEO, PR agency Here Be Dragons) had to do.

Beavertown's bold branding became so popular they launched an e-commerce channel, which became more successful than even they expected. From landfill marketing to brands oversharing on social, to corny brand collaborations and tattoos, Lucy Shelley and Joe Arthur get deep into conversation with the pair about the underrated relationship between marketing channels, and how to do it right.

Keep listening to the hear the fastest Resell Me a Pen challenge yet, VAR requests and some iffy statistics from 'Harvard Business School'.

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