Top 5 adtech tools this week: Foresight Factory, App Radar, Amplified Intelligence, Transcosmos and Storyteq

From using AI to find ‘fast followers’ to automated ad copy generated in seconds, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Each week, the PMW editorial team selects five of the latest product releases from the adtech and martech worlds, with our verdict on why they made the cut – and why you should pay attention.

This week: 

  • Foresight Factory: AI prediction tool helps brands identity ‘fast followers’

  • App Radar: ‘Ad Copy Generator’ leverages AI to boost app marketing tools for brands

  • Amplified Intelligence: omnichannel global human attention measurement tag

  • Transcosmos: Japanese group expands customer experience and digital ad solutions to France

  • Storyteq: Brand Portals tool boosts creative automation

Foresight Factory AI prediction tool helps brands identity ‘fast followers’

Foresight Factory Co-CEOs Meabh Quoirin and Christophe Jouan are launching Collision, claiming to provide ‘the world’s first dynamic trends platform’.

How it works

Collision is a decision-making platform that leverages machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to correlate consumer trends with commercial behaviour to identify first-mover and fast-follower opportunities, as well as areas of potential risk. The company asserts this will 'power-up' marketers, analysts, insights specialists and advertisers alike to grab and keep the attention of the c-suite – taking decision-making to the next level. This means seeing where the ‘white space’ lies, how to respond and/or dominate the market and its audiences and the ability to spot any incoming risks.

What the providers say 

Meabh Quoirin, Co-founder and CEO, Foresight Factory said: "We want to show enterprise B2C brands new, more effective ways of working – we're not just peddling the zeitgeist with articulate flair. Businesses need deep commercial insight combined with consumer trends data to feel confident in their future strategy. The new Collision platform will help our clients be more agile and able to shape and anticipate what's coming."

Christophe Jouan, Co-founder and CEO, Foresight Factory added: "AI is only as good as the data it is fed and the people who use it.  With the launch of our new Collision platform, our aim is to deliver an antidote to the insights industry via 'simple complexity,’ combining human expertise with a unique approach to AI and ML data-crunching to help brands get to the heart of what matters.”

The PMW view

AI is transforming the way brands think about consumer insights and Foresight Factory is hoping to ride that wave by appealing to brands looking to make more crucial decisions – whether that's performance marketing spend or new business investment, with greater confidence. By crossing commercial data with consumer trends, these ‘white space opportunities’ can show where businesses can take the lead on an as-yet unsatisfied consumer need - and opportunities for ‘fast followers’.

App Radar ‘Ad Copy Generator’ leverages AI to boost app marketing tools for brands 

App marketing and analytics platform App Radar has launched a further OpenAI integration, Ad Copy Generator, enabling marketers to quickly create effective ad copy for mobile app campaigns with Google Ads and Meta Ads. 

How it works 

App Radar customers are required to fill out a form with information such as ad channel, app name and description, valuable features, target audience, tone of ad copy and select English or German. Instantaneously, the Ad Copy Generator suggests ad headlines and descriptions optimised for Google Ads and Meta Ads. App Radar has previously launched a market intelligence tool, AI Review Summaries, which enables app marketers to instantly gather critical insight into their own apps and competition with cutting-edge generative AI technology. 

What the provider says 

Thomas Kriebernegg, Co-Founder and Managing Director at App Radar said: “Writing effective ad copy for mobile app campaigns is time-consuming, especially if performance marketers need to test different ad copy variations. Our new OpenAI-powered Ad Copy Generator tool, however, enables app performance marketers to save time and improve their ad performance within minutes. 

“Together with our AI Review Summaries and our other new tools, Search Visibility Score and Ad Performance Tracking, we are delivering solutions that will help marketers save time, and money and enable their processes to be more efficient, overall. We are continually innovating and developing new tools and we are excited to eventually become a one-stop shop for app marketers.”

The PMW view

The app market is very competitive and in the current economic climate, competition will keep increasing. App Radar is utilising the recent explosion in AI technology to equip marketers with the tools they need to give them and their app a better chance of cutting through the noise.

Amplified Intelligence unveils omnichannel global human attention measurement tag

Amplified Intelligence has launched its new campaign evaluation tool, attentionPROVE – an attention measurement tag that helps brands and agencies understand and maximise attention in ad campaigns in real-time.

How it works

The technology enables buyers to move away from relying on inferred binary metrics and arbitrary impression signals and move towards scaled data that is truly human-informed, using the world’s deepest and most robust human attention dataset from over 55,000 global panellists. The accuracy takes attention prediction to impression level, measuring sub-second active and passive attention. This is enabled by the collection of close to 100 attention markers typical of media consumption. This level of accuracy is unique in that it offers users insights to both attention time and focus across creatives, formats and platforms in both display and video ads spanning desktop, mobile web, mobile app, Connected TV and Broadcast Video on Demand.

What the provider says

Karen Nelson-Field, Founder and CEO of Amplified Intelligence, said: “A closed loop of accurate, and transparent, human insight is vital to ensure persistently effective use of budgets across campaign lifecycles. By basing in-flight adjustments on actionable and accurate data-led recommendations, brands and agencies can increase the likelihood of campaign success, as well as illustrating the effect of attention gains on the business bottom line.”

What the client says

Foxtel Media CEO, Mark Frain, said: "Dynamic attention measurement brings immense value to digital streaming platforms. Allowing brands to optimise beyond standard audience metrics, and better leverage insights like platform engagement, will continue to be a key focus in how we deliver results for our clients."

The PMW view

Amplified Intelligence claims that over 70% of MRC viewable impressions are getting less than half a second of real human attention, so it made this tool to help players maximise advertising effectiveness for in-flight campaigns. Key benefits of this type of dynamic optimisation can include bridging the ‘viewability vs attention gap’, instant performance uplift and creating a more transparent view of budget distribution and return on investment.

Japanese group Transcosmos expands customer experience and digital ad solutions to France 

Japanese group transcosmos announces it is prioritising the French market for developing its services with regard to contact centres and digital marketing.

How it works 

Operating in a new business environment since the Covid-19 crisis, Transcosmos meets a growing need on the part of companies by offering them wide-ranging services that help improve customer experiences, such as the way in which contact centres and customer services operate together with digital marketing and e-commerce solution services. Already operating in 28 countries, it achieved a record turnover in the financial year 2021/22.

What the provider says

Hiroki Tanigaw, Corporate Executive Officer & Head of Transcosmos’s Europe Business, said: “We have won the support of clients who operate worldwide and have received requests for us to expand our services in the European markets. Transcosmos’s services are already suited to the different local markets. We are aiming at increasing the share of revenue from foreign markets, enabling us to transform more swiftly into a global company.” 

The PMW view

Founded in 1966 by Koki Okuda, Transcosmos is a major player in the marketing growth and customer service industry. Its move into France represents a significant step as it aims to attract European clients with its cost optimisation and sales growth services. Transcosmos is quoted on the Tokyo stock exchange, is present in 28 countries, employs almost 69,000 staff and showed a turnover of €2.48bn for the 2021/22 financial year.

Storyteq launches Brand Portals to boost creative automation

Storyteq has launched Brand Portals, an AI-powered creative production hub, claiming to save 50% of time spent on creative campaigns as it localises brand content on a global scale.

How it works

Reducing slow and costly manual production processes, Brand Portals act as a centralised place for marketing teams to quickly adapt multichannel campaigns and easily power their local marketing through a self-serve AI-enabled platform. Storyteq claims to deliver on average 50% time savings per campaign, creating over 9,000 digital assets for BMW in just a few weeks. The platform is already helping other brands including Kia, McDonald’s, Heineken and L’Oréal to automate their creative production and activate on-brand marketing campaigns on a global scale.

What the provider says

Lennard Kooy, CEO of Storyteq, said: “Brand Portals is a game changer, revolutionising the way that brands can deliver content – powered by Creative Automation for fast, localised activation across every channel. Marketing teams are being asked to deliver more content, more localisation and more engagement without more budget or resources. The new Brand Portals offering has been developed to make that possible.”

What the client says  

Ben Risdale, Manager of Dealer & Tactical Marketing for Kia, said: “The marketing portal allows us to offer our dealer partners a fully comprehensive suite of on-brand and consistent marketing assets. This helps us provide a valuable and useful solution for our dealer partners to maximise their business performance with effective marketing.”

The PMW view

Scaling marketing content on a global level while upholding brand consistency can be a real challenge for brands - this is where Storyteq is hoping to place itself as the ideal cross-market solution. With offices in Birmingham, London, Amsterdam, New York, Auckland and Sydney the company is aiming to help clients find that sweet spot between local insights, scale and efficiency when it comes to content production.