Kantar introduces AI-powered brand performance tracker to guide brands’ marketing investments

BrandNow claims to generate real-time data robust and reliable enough to allow brand owners to instantly measure the effectiveness of their marketing activities with an outlook geared towards future growth.

Kantar has announced the launch of BrandNow, an AI-powered, always-on brand performance tracker.

BrandNow delivers real-time insights and forecasts for clients, including daily benchmarks and short-term forecasts for 25 product and service categories, aimed at steering better brand performance.

The tool generates real-time data that is ideally robust and reliable enough to give brand owners the ability to measure the impact of market factors and the effectiveness of their marketing activities while also tracking long-term brand success.

Ted Prince, Chief Product Officer at Kantar, said: “Market conditions change in real-time and brand tracking has now evolved to address that challenge because shaping brand performance requires a combination of human expertise and technology.

“Whether as a standalone tracker or a real-time supplement to a customised brand tracker, BrandNow provides the real-time signals and movement in brand equity that every research, marketing or brand executive needs.”

Use of AI

Kantar’s latest tool combines proprietary and differentiating IP from across the organisation, including Kantar’s Trend AI technology, powering BrandNow’s ability to cancel the ‘noise’ in the data that distort short-term metric movements, and lets customers see category trends with no time lag.

Qubed, Kantar’s new fraud and bot detection AI, has also been incorporated into BrandNow to keep panels clean and human, ensuring authentic responses from real people.

Being billed by Kantar as a brand guidance product, the new brand performance tracker hopes to become the right platform for customers to use as a basis for investing marketing resources in the right place at the right time.