Top 5 martech tools this week: Unbounce, Analytic Partners, Reddit, Recurly, Impact+ and Scibids

From cross-platform subscription analytics to carbon cutting programmatic campaigns, here’s our round up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Each week, the PMW editorial team selects five of the latest product releases from the adtech and martech worlds, with our verdict on why they made the cut – and why you should pay attention.

This week: 

  • Unbounce: auto-generating ad copy from a URL using AI 

  • Analytic Partners: integrating YouGov into its commercial analytics solution

  • Reddit: New Amsterdam hub to scale regional ad reach for brands

  • Recurly: cross-platform subscription analytics

  • IMPACT+ and Scibids: reducing the environmental impact of programmatic online advertising campaigns

New Unbounce tool auto-generates ad copy from a URL using AI 

Unbounce has launched a new tool that allows marketers to generate ad copy for multiple platforms with a single click simply by inserting a URL from a website or landing page.​​

How it works 

The free new ‘URL to Ads’ tool analyses the content of a given website and uses artificial intelligence to generate ad copy matched to the page and tailored for platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Bing. The tool is designed to save marketers time, generating relevant, high-performing ad copy with a single click and helping them achieve better results from their campaigns.

What the provider says

“Creating tailored and effective ad copy from specific pages can save time for marketers. At Unbounce, we have always been keenly focused on pairing marketers with tools that can help them be more effective and ultimately more successful,” said Darby Sieben, Chief Product Officer of Unbounce. “With our deep experience helping marketers to create high-impact, high-performing content, combined with our unique body of data on what has driven billions of conversions for our customers, we are immensely excited about the potential of this new tool and keen to get it in the hands of marketers across the globe.”

The PMW view

With brands reaching out to customers on more platforms than ever before, ensuring coherent, relevant copy runs across all of them is fast becoming a drain on resources. Unbounce is positioning itself as the solution with this auto generation tool that takes into account unique opportunities on each platform and tailoring the copy to match - with a different tone of voice and format from LinkedIn to Twitter.


Analytic Partners integrates YouGov into its commercial analytics solution

Analytic Partners is integrating with polling organisation YouGov to allow access to daily tracking and historical data, providing an edge against competitors.

How it works

Customers will gain access to both YouGov’s daily tracking and feed historical data into their model, enabling them to track brand performance trends and establish benchmarks for success against competitors and markets. The collaboration will give access to 16 ‘brand health metrics’ as clear KPIs. Brands will be able to analyse and benchmark success against their goals, competitors, and entire markets. Among the brand metrics measured daily by YouGov now available to Analytic Partners are ad awareness, overall buzz, brand value, corporate reputation, purchase consideration and customer recommendations. 

What the provider says 

“Many brands want to better understand the impact of their brand health over time, but often their data is not current or robust enough to build an effective model,” said Nancy Smith, Founder, President and CEO of Analytic Partners. “With this collaboration, we are excited to give our customers access to YouGov’s strong, historical data to measure how their marketing activity will influence brand metrics and ultimately translate to a sale.” 

"With its daily tracking and historical data, YouGov BrandIndex provides unparalleled insights into brand health, enabling brands to effectively engage their audiences and gauge advertising success,” said Ray Martin, Chief Executive Officer of the Americas at YouGov. “By adding YouGov's powerful BrandIndex data into cutting-edge media performance modelling, customers receive enhanced value, enabling them to make well-informed, strategic marketing decisions."

The PMW view

As marketers navigate economic headwinds, it's become important to understand the potential impact of cutting marketing spend on not only short-term sales but also how those decisions will influence their brand in the long-term. According to ROI Genome, Analytic Partners’ proprietary intelligence, across customer types, geographies and market conditions, upper funnel tactics are 60% more effective over the long term than lower funnel tactics and only 25% less effective in the short term. By monitoring brand data more closely, Analytic Partners is pitching to brands and agencies as a way to confidently make decisions for both short and long-term activities.

Reddit opens Amsterdam hub to scale regional ad reach for brands

Reddit has opened an Amsterdam Hub, which will serve as the new home of Reddit’s Scaled EMEA team. 

How it works 

Reddit’s Amsterdam Hub is already servicing existing Reddit partners across the UK and Europe, including Klarna (based in Stockholm, Sweden) and Backmarket (based in Paris, France). The Amsterdam Hub will consolidate Reddits scaled EMEA business, home to over 50 employees (“Snoos”), hailing from over 10 countries with experience working in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish and other European languages. The Hub will also be home to its EMEA Ads Engineering team. 

What the provider says

Harold Klaje, Reddit’s Global Chief Revenue Officer, said: “We have seen some of our most significant international growth and engagement on Reddit from audiences across Germany, France, and Northern Europe, as well as some of our largest advertisers, like Warner Bros., Google, and reMarkable, driving success through country and regional-specific campaigns. This is an extremely important region for us and bolstering our local expertise on the ground will allow us to better serve these emerging clients while we carry out our ambitious plans for growth.”

Reddit EMEA Head of Mid-Market and SMB Sales, Susanne Mostertman, said: “Amsterdam is the perfect headquarters to expand on this momentum and service clients with regional and country-specific experts who are ready to provide bespoke guidance that will help them grow their businesses.”

What the clients say

Global payments provider Klarna has been working closely with Reddit’s EMEA scaled team to engage with a new generation of Savvy shoppers. Most recently, Klarna partnered with Reddit to launch its BIFL “Buy it For Life” list of 2023, honouring the most popular durable items in r/BuyItForLife in celebration of Earth week.

“As Klarna looks to inspire consumers to make conscious shopping decisions and buy products that last longer, save money and reduce waste, we knew Reddit was the place to harness an already leaned-in group of conscious, informed shoppers,” said Salah Said, Head of Sustainability at Klarna. “By partnering with Reddit, we were able to reach a wide variety of communities – from tech, to fashion, and a heap in between – at the right time in their purchase journey and encourage responsible shopping decisions.” 

Technology refurbishment brand Back Market came to Reddit to reach the platform’s technology and second-hand buying enthusiasts with topical, authentic headline copy and ad creative developed in partnership with Reddit’s KarmaLab Creative Strategy team. 

“After the success of our last campaign, we’re excited to bring Reddit into our marketing strategy,”said Méryl Testé, Lead Media Planner at Back Market. “Working with the Reddit and KarmaLab teams, we were able to easily target a specific audience with passions and interests that align with Back Market’s brand and drive real traffic and brand awareness for us.”

The PMW view

Amsterdam sits in the centre of the wider European market, serving as the headquarters for many thriving companies and therefore host to a strong talent pool. As Reddit’s advertiser base in key European countries like Germany and France continues to grow, Amsterdam provides a central location to service a wide range of clients from multiple locations across the region.

Recurly helps subscription companies access cross-platform analytics 

Recurly has launched a new app management capability, solving the problem of limited visibility into subscriber data across app stores and the web. 

How it works

The new feature enables Direct-to-Consumer brands to sync subscription data from Apple App Store and Google Play into its subscription management platform, providing deeper, more reliable cross-platform analytics and revenue recognition for all subscriptions. 

What the provider says  

“Subscription companies have struggled with limited visibility into subscriber data across app stores and web. Recurly app management standardizes data, provides cross-platform insights and enables revenue recognition for all subscriptions” said Dan Burkhart, co-founder and CEO at Recurly. “This enables our customers to better optimise their business across all platforms.”   

“App stores are an important channel for many subscription-based businesses, providing a seamless subscriber journey; but it also creates a lack of visibility across app and web subscriber data,” sais Jonas Flodh, Chief Product Officer at Recurly. “Recurly app management offers a simple no-code/low-code configuration to activate and automate the data sync between app stores and Recurly, providing a single source of truth for vital subscription performance metrics and insights. According to Forbes, companies spend an average of 11% of their marketing budget on analytics, underscoring the importance of analytics in helping companies make data-driven decisions.”  

What the clients say

“As a long time Recurly customer, Envato is excited to be a launch partner with their new integrations into Apple App Store and Google Play," saids Daniel Lizio-Katzen, CEO of Placeit by Envato. “The Placeit team and I are really looking forward to being able to integrate subscriptions sold through the app stores directly into the cross-platform analytics offered by Recurly app management.”

The PMW view

Subscription services are booming post pandemic - but economic uncertainty means marketers need to work harder to monitor and retain customers. Recurly is hoping to make that job easier with real-time and reliable cross-platform analytics to help subscription businesses optimise recurring revenue streams, improve the subscriber experience and increase efficiencies.

IMPACT+ and Scibids reduce the environmental impact of programmatic online advertising campaigns

IMPACT+ and Scibids have announced a partnership to reduce the environmental impact of digital campaigns purchased via programmatic advertising platforms (DSPs).

How it works 

By using the IMPACT+ measurement linked to programmatic campaigns, Scibids now has environmental KPIs in electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. The AI can automatically direct advertising investments towards the most environmentally friendly inventories and contexts in real time and adapt to the performance of the campaign. The combination of these two technologies promises a future for advertisers, who will be able to improve the environmental impact of their programmatic campaigns, by reducing emissions while maintaining an optimal level of performance in their investments. Scibid’s personalised algorithms can then be optimised towards specific media objectives such as Attention, Brand Lift, or duration spent on site.

What the providers say

Christophe Delaroche Vernet,Sales Director France, Scibids, said:  “We are very proud to partner with IMPACT+, a recognised leader in measuring the environmental impact of digital advertising, to reduce the GHG emissions of our clients’ campaigns. At Scibids, we are convinced of the power of AI to drive effective and energy- efficient programmatic purchases, ultimately creating a more sustainable ecosystem.”

Vincent Villaret, CEO, IMPACT+, said: “This is a key partnership for the industry. The new possibilities offered by this partnership with Scibids, in terms of automatic optimisation of programmatic campaign broadcast is promising. It is an opportunity for our customers to go even further in their approach for more sustainable advertising while maintaining advertising effectiveness.”

The PMW view

Today, digital services account for between 2-4% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, according to various estimates from the IEA and IAB. As brands become aware of this reality, finding solutions to reduce these emissions is becoming an increasingly crucial part of their media strategies. The first step for brands is to measure the extent of these emissions, which is where IMPACT+ comes in. In a second step, brands that aim to reduce their carbon footprint can now tie in Scibid’s proven optimisation AI.