The future of AI in marketing and the 'big daddy' ChatGPT: S3E3 Performance Marketing Unlocked podcast

"Never let a human do a machine's job," said guest Kate Cox, CMO at AI scale-up BrightBid. The questions marketers should be asking now isn't will AI take jobs, but what do we do with the time that is saved by AI?

Kate saw the 2023 explosion of AI several years back. In this week's episode of Performance Marketing Unlocked, BrightBid's CMO explains why we're still in the efficiency stage of AI, and what the real changes will look like in the coming years.

"The voices that are original and have an interesting angle are the ones that will win in the new world. It isn't going to be just about the sheer volume of content. It will be about its originality."

In this episode, we talk Elon Musk's halt on development, legislating an unprecedented phenomenon and what happens when you put AI against a comedian.

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