How Twogether used performance-based insights to create marketing materials to drive up global engagement

Partnering with content platform Turtl, B2B tech marketing agency Twogether streamlined its content strategy by leveraging actionable performance-based insights to increase user engagement and drive better business outcomes.

Against the backdrop of economic instability and tightening budgets, marketers are under increasing pressure to prove performance.

Global B2B tech marketing agency Twogether partnered with Turtl to demonstrate marketing effectiveness and display tangible return on investment (ROI) by investing in brand and content creation rooted in audience and customer insights.

The challenge:

Twogether set out to create data-driven marketing materials for its clients specifically designed to deliver stronger engagement at a global scale.

Teaming up with Turtl, content needed to be created strategically to align measurable performance with customers’ key goals and use the data collected throughout the process to ensure the marketing materials were relevant.

The solution:

Turtl allowed Twogether access to its measurable performance data, which was used to drive reader attention and other business outcomes. As opposed to static and scrolling PDFs or marketing emails - which offer minimal insights into audience interaction – Turtl’s Docs gather a full suite of proprietary data from readers. This data ranges from reader numbers and bounce rates to more technical insights like page dwell times and click intent.

The analytics collected by using Turtl’s resources were applied by Twogether across marketing material outcomes through each stage of the customer conversion journey. Reader behaviour was leveraged to identify insights that helped drive more meaningful conversions for clients, beyond simple metrics such as open rate and click-through statistics.

The results:

This approach formed the basis for much of Twogether’s marketing strategies, with several examples of success both internally and for clients. One example was a First-Party Data report written by Twogether that targeted its outreach to prospective clients who had previously expressed interest in the topic of demand-generation, which received an average read time of 10 minutes and 45 seconds - far outperforming the average for marketing content.

A second example came from Twogether’s Metaverse Guide, an educational piece designed to work as a lead generation tool. By leveraging Turtl’s insights, the piece increased both audience dwell time and reader sign-ups significantly - achieving an average read time of 4 minutes and 40 seconds from 309 readers and several organic sign-ups resulting in follow-up ‘metaverse training session’ bookings, comfortably surpassing internal audience engagement expectations.

These examples demonstrate the benefit of using meaningful performance metrics to tailor the marketing process based on individual prospect’s needs. Access to a full suite of analytical data allows marketers to formulate their strategies to best meet the needs of modern viewers, emphasising metrics that have proven to produce better engagement.

Overall, by switching to an iterative approach focused on collating actionable insights based off performance metrics to create content, Twogether was able to:

- Increase its average document read time on marketing content like its First-Party Data report and Metaverse Guide

- Increase its audience numbers and generate more repeat sessions from readers

- Boost down-the-funnel conversions from prospect to customer with tailored marketing content

Jonathan Sedger, Director of Innovation and Partnerships at Twogether, said: “In our search for innovations to help make clients campaigns more successful, Turtl is one of our greatest success stories with several clients seeing benefits: it makes content more strategic with aggregated analytics on reader behaviour to inform content decisions and actionable user level insights that sales can use to identify intent, it helps us bridge brand and demand with a rich interactive format that delivers more engaging experiences for readers, and it delivers on the promise of deep personalisation at scale with a reliable solution.”

Nick Mason, CEO & Founder of Turtl, added:“By pairing analytic insights and high-quality content, businesses can create personalised, engaging marketing campaigns that generate more successful results. The upshot is marketers will be more confident in their content’s ROI.”

Accounting for this partnership’s success, perhaps the use of analytics and data to accurately measure performance should be at the heart of every marketer’s toolkit.