Influencer Marketing: Leo Burnett Singapore, OMD Singapore

This smart social campaign drove up 5G take-up in Singapore with a three phase influence strategy and a 10% rise in subscriptions.

Though Singtel was ahead of the game and became the first telco in Singapore to offer 5G to consumers, it faced an issue – many Singaporeans did not see the significance and impact 5G would have on their lives. The mindset many consumers had was that 4G is 'good enough' and '5G is for the future and not today' which hampered its adoption rate.

The challenge was creating demand for 5G in Singapore. To inspire Singaporeans, the team tapped onto 11 popular KOLs from various fields with a combined reach of over 675,000 followers to highlight how 5G has impacted their lives and gave them an edge over others.

The team approached the launch in 3 phases, with each phase playing an important role to spread the word about 5G. Phase one kickstarted the conversation by tapping onto the star power of two macro influencers and comedic darlings. Phase two of the campaign weaponised the buzz by leveraging on nine micro influencers all representing various niche communities on strategic social platforms ensuring that the influencers let their videos gain organic engagement and traction within the community. And finally with Phase 3, the team amplified these videos beyond their followers.

In the end, Singtel garnered a 57.3% share of mind over competitors and hit the main goal of driving consumers to switch from 4G to 5G and saw an increase of 10% in 5G subscriptions over the campaign period.

Judges' comments:

“The use of influencers has clearly had an impact in driving KPIs re share of mind and adoption of 5G. The creative aspect is quirky and seems to have landed with the audience.”

“Fantastic example of a well strategised and executed influencer campaign. The results are also impactful to the business so the output was not just about onboarding influencers, but driving performance.”

“This was a fantastic Influencer Marketing submission. A unique customer insight, supported by a robust strategy and creative idea. Followed up with comprehensive execution and stellar business results!”

“Creative and integrated (channels) campaign with excellent results. Influencers made a difference in its strategy.”

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