Performance Pioneer: Alex Webb, Partnerize

With a roster of successes under his belt, from over-performing on revenue goals, diversifying partner bases and cutting reliance on cashback partners, Alex wowed the PMW judges for his individual achievements within the industry.

Alex Webb joined Partnerize in January 2022 as Partner Manager within the Services team; a vital and strategic hire to the newly established team that was being built from the ground up.

For his first role within the affiliates and partnerships space, Alex’s background as an analyst offered a springboard and invaluable foundation for success within his job remit. His solid, data-first approach has opened up ongoing opportunities for success and informed sound data-led decision making. He has achieved incredible performance and success for his client roster in 2022.

Alex is continually looking for areas of growth and personal development and has stepped into an Account Strategist secondment for a new Partnerize client in the travel sector. He worked with the brand’s in-house team to implement a new commission structure that reduced the CPA awarded on conversions containing voucher codes. This, in turn, enabled the client to invest in new opportunities under Alex’s advice.

Currently managing a global skincare account and leading partner strategy for UK and EMEA campaigns, he works closely with colleagues in the US. Just as importantly, he has built great relationships with industry partners and attended lots of industry events to build his presence and reputation, connecting peers with opportunities for business and for learning.

Alex is continually positive, has a solutions-focused approach to all decision-making and has grown tremendously in just 14 months with Partnerize. In keeping with his collaborative nature, he has shared that growth with the team, by supporting new starts with platform training, industry insights. He also led on the ideation and creation of a Partner Managers Playbook that’s now the go-to for both the wider team and any new starters. It contains advice for each duty the team performs and is a working document that is continually added to.

Alex proactively requested to manage one of Partnerize’s biggest UK accounts and has established an incredible working relationship with their in-house team, ultimately overperforming on revenue goal by 8% in 2022.

Through effective recruitment supported by Partnerize Discover, the partners Alex onboarded for a Tier 1 Luxury client generated an additional high six figures in incremental revenue within 12 months, and increased the number of revenue active partners by 32%

Alex successfully diversified the same retailer’s partner base, reducing the reliance on cashback partners by 17% and increasing engagement with content, loyalty and subnetwork partners. Global Senior Director of Customer Success, George Gray commented: “Big call out, and echoed by the wider team is that Alex really epitomises the best of the CS/Services “one team” approach, brilliantly working together with his respective counterparts.”

Alex has proven himself to be a great collaborator, always looking to challenge himself and delivering above and beyond for clients. Selfridges was the agency’s largest new client in 2022 and Alex was a critical part behind the success of this account.

Judges' comments:

“An impressive 14 months making a strong and tangible impact in the business.”

"Strong results and an impressive investment in bringing his colleagues along with him.”

“Great to see someone with passion in the industry with the ability to deliver results.”