Retail: Performics @ Starcom

The agency mapped nearly a million brand-relevant search queries to the mindsets of audiences, driving an influx of excited users to Primark's new website.

Iconic high street fashion retailer Primark undertook a digital transformation supported by relaunching its website in the UK. Starcom was enlisted to support this launch with a data-driven content strategy, using a credible alternative source of data in the absence of the first-party online demand data.

Starcom used Intent Based Planning (IBP) to uncover user behaviour by continuously collecting, refreshing and processing Google search data using big data analysis and machine learning algorithms. The agency then set up a bespoke IBP framework for Primark, mapping nearly a million brand-relevant search queries to the mindsets of their audiences.

Used to inform Primark's content strategy for a new UK website, and to power and align messaging across all media, inform optimisation tactics and bidding strategy, IBP helped align the way Primark markets its products with how audiences search for them.

It helped redefine product categorisation, expand the online product catalogue and turn Primark into a source of inspiration for fashion enthusiasts. Additionally, it was used to define the browsing experience by creating an information architecture model with a user-first approach in mind.

Performics' data-driven content strategy was aligned with user motivations, driving an influx of excited users to Primark's new sleek website, resulting in a significant boost in performance metrics.

Judges comments

“A campaign that clearly understands the needs of Primark - great work.”

“From a bespoke IBP tool to understand user intent, to an excellent example of an SEO and content revamp, with stellar results, this was a really interesting read and an example of data driven marketing.”

“Compelling use of intent data to learn and improve the onsite experience and content. The results speak volumes as to the value of this campaign. Taking up to date data and intel and presenting Primark as on trend for consumer needs.”

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