Grand Prix: Hearts & Science

Few sectors were as impacted by the global pandemic as the travel industry, but resorts group Atlantis Dubai used the downtime to undergo a data transformation project that drove loyalty. Our judges called this as a “superb submission”, scooping the top prize at the PMW Global Awards 2023.

A luxury growth acceleration strategy, fuelled by first party data, helped Atlantis Dubai boost loyalty sign-up rates and better predict future customer behaviour.

With the global pandemic forcing the brakes on several industries across the globe, and the travel and tourism sector being especially impacted, the iconic resorts group identified a single solution - activate a customer data platform (CDP) to drive better data and martech management, and simultaneously enhance marketing effectiveness.

With all eyes on a loyalty programme drive, a perfect opportunity arose to showcase what the CDP can do. To leverage Atlantis' rich first-party data captured through CDP, the Hearts & Science team deployed machine learning capabilities to segment the audience based on their predicted behaviour and tap into a growth segment.

As a result, loyalty sign-up rates were three times better for the CDP audiences versus others, and some CDP segments saw 100% conversion rates. This activation was not only one of the first integrated activations of a CDP in the region for Atlantis' industry, but also saw it enter unchartered territory by using customer data to model future behaviour, and act on it with precision and efficiency to drive bottom-line business value.

Judges comments

“This is a superb submission. A difficult problem of fragmented data tied to a perfect technical solution of a CDP and machine learning to mine huge data sets. All leading to actionable insights supported by an inbound marketing campaign that drove excellent business results.”

“The entry proves how important it is to create a single source of truth and focus the strategy on the customer clustering.”

“A transformative approach using unique behaviours and machine learning. Democratising their data through the CDP appears to have had a very strong impact.”