Gaming and Esports: Critical Mass and TBWA Chiat Day LA

The US streaming company employed a gamified and targeted approach to its marketing using audience signals, connected technologies and performance-based practice to drive up subscriptions in a competitive environment.

DIRECTV was in a tough spot: the streaming category had become commoditised and the most successful services were leveraging original content – something DIRECTV didn't have. Adding subscribers in these conditions called for a performance-first game plan; a transformative approach to targeting, tailoring and optimising creatives.

Data gathering and targeting were crucial to how we honed in on the right person, at the right moment and in the right environments. Using audience signals, connected technologies and performance best practices, the team reached a massive audience in a way that was tailored and then optimised to both individuals and platforms.


DIRECTV - GOATbusters from Lime Studios on Vimeo.

Judges’ comments:

“This was a highly entertaining submission, teamed with a really big idea and well executed.” 

“Entertaining creative execution, well designed to target different audience segments.”

“The creative idea is supported by solid execution, and also business results also came along with this creative engaging campaign. Glad to see a rich example like this.” 

“Such a smart, funny, and connected strategy.”