Programmatic and Native Advertising: Taboola

The cybersecurity giant reduced its Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) goal from $45 to just $6.70 with a targeted programmatic display campaign in Brazil.

Kaspersky, a global leader in cyber-security, was looking to launch its new product portfolio in Brazil, driving traffic to their website with the aim of converting visitors into subscribers.

To achieve this, Kaspersky turned to Taboola, a leading native advertising platform powering recommendations on the open web. The two teams worked together to A/B test a variety of creatives and targeting segments, honing in on those that drove the most conversions at the lowest CPA.

The campaign featured native image and video adverts specifically targeted towards three audiences: "IT Geeks", "Gamers" and "Families", using messaging and imagery designed to appeal to those audiences. For example, ads targeting gamers used titles like "We focus on your safety. You focus on your game.", with the landing page reassuring users that performance would not be slowed.

In addition to targeting these users via a variety of first-party, third-party and contextual segments, Kaspersky used Taboola's Attentive Audiences feature to retarget users who had spent time on Kaspersky's website but not converted.

Kaspersky's initial Cost Per Acquisition goal was $45, but thanks to the collaboration between the two teams, use of Taboola's suite of innovative tools and calculated A/B testing, they were able to reduce this to just $6.70 – 85% below target. After optimisations were applied, the retargeting campaign generated an incredible conversion rate of 37%.

The two teams are now continuing to work collaboratively, running campaigns in a variety of markets and optimising these to generate conversions at scale and at low cost.

Judges’ comments

"Clearly a strong example of driving an excellent CPA using a native advertising platform on the open web. The conversion numbers and use of targeting and data is impressive." 

"Love the idea of using competing teams. Really taking on board the gamification of the product and putting that at the heart of the marketing. The results were very impressive and I liked the explainer video."

"Great example of getting the targeted, tailored, messaging right to achieve strong conversion. Very impressive CPA stats."

"Great collaboration and partnership to drive real business outcomes - great to see the linkage between audience strategy and execution and carried through to creative."

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