Lead Generation: Go Inspire Group

This smart campaign for a major telco combined laser-focused targeting, relevant creative and seamless bridges to engagement to reduce campaign wastage and focus on driving leads from high value prospects.

To support their first-to-market strategy of offering 100% Full Fibre-to-Premise (FTTP) connection, TalkTalk challenged Go Inspire Group  to identify their perfect target audience and use a laser focused approach to acquire new customers through the direct mail channel, reducing Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) in the process.

To enable a laser focused targeting approach, a database profiling the status of every individual household in the UK was developed from publicly available data and inferred consumer behaviour applied. The UKs FTTP footprint was overlayed and unsuitable/ undesirable households removed, leaving an untapped selection of prospect properties to mail.

To maximise standout and engagement, TalkTalk's personalised digital envelope mailpack included the recipient's street name in variable colour. A variable QR code was also personalised onto each envelope, enabling TalkTalk to see, track and report on which households had scanned their QR Code, entering them into a follow up communications programme.

The results were impressive: 

• Over 4,000 new customers acquired in the 16-month campaign cycle

• Cost Per Acquisition fell 73.4%

• 12-month ROI for the campaign was £2.80:1 (180%)

• Forecasted 60-month ROI for the campaign was £14:1 / 1,300.00%

Judges’ comments:

“The idea was simple and the creative very well presented. The results were also compelling.”

“An organised and methodical approach to prospect targeting and tracking with solid results.”