"Cut the crap": how to turn ad sustainability intentions into successful ethical and business outcomes

How are marketers going beyond 'greenwashing' to deliver real reductions to their CO2 emissions? And is it benefiting their business? Part two of PMW’s State of Sustainability in Digital Advertising report shines a light on those already setting the gold standard towards achieving 'Ad Net Zero' and how and why other businesses can replicate this success.

*Part two now free to access for a limited time*


In this three-part series, PMW conducted exclusive research and spoke to a myriad of experts to uncover just where the digital advertising industry stands in terms of sustainability… and where it’s headed.

Amid trying economic times, bookmarked by a global pandemic and now a possible recession, sustainability appears to have fallen by the wayside, at least that’s what the data indicates.

Part two of this report unpacks what is being done to counteract the problem and why more digital advertisers should join the campaign. Who is driving change within the industry? What is motivating them to do so? And what results have they seen?

Within the research a pivotal discovery has been made regarding how sustainability investment should be viewed by digital advertisers. Having traditionally been framed as something largely done for optics, sustainability actually possesses great potential for promoting successful business outcomes when implemented strategically.

“Undoubtedly, in the past sustainability has been viewed as a luxury choice for businesses to create a USP purely for optics, not profit. Our work however, has revealed this simply shouldn't be the case,” says Adform Managing Director Phil Acton.

Sustainability is at a pivotal point, in our industry and beyond - consider this three-part report a guide to mitigating your organisation's carbon footprint… without it costing the earth.

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Part two of PMW’s State of Sustainability in Digital Advertising report is free for all users to access for a limited time here. Part one can be accessed now by PMW 'The Information' tier subscribers here and part three will launch this coming Friday.


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