Sharing sustainability failure is just as important as celebrating success - why the industry needs to unite under a test-and-learn approach to achieve Ad Net Zero

Avoid insincerity, embrace transparency and work outside of your own organisation. These are just a few of the ways by which the digital advertising industry can achieve goals like Ad Net Zero and carbon negativity - but what will it take to unite a fragmented ecosystem around a set of common standards?


*Part three now free for a limited time*

In this three-part series, PMW conducted exclusive research and spoke to a myriad of experts to uncover just where the digital advertising industry stands in terms of sustainability… and where it’s headed.

Amid trying economic times, bookmarked by a global pandemic and now a possible recession, sustainability appears to have fallen by the wayside, at least that’s what the data indicates. Part three of this report reflects on what we’ve learned and breaks down expert insights to identify the best course of action for the industry going forward.

With a realistic assessment of both the good and the bad when it comes to sustainability in digital advertising, leading authorities on the topic emphasise transparency and a test-and-learn approach as significant drivers to achieving a future whereby sustainability and business incentives work hand in hand.

The importance of an altruistic coming together for the greater good also underpins the industry’s future success in this respect.

“Being insincere has prompted green washing and subsequently green hushing to make headlines. Fortunately, as both practices really just mean, from the consumers’ perspective, that a company's messaging wasn't genuine, it’s an easy fix – honesty,” says Jasmin Fischer, Senior VP of Research & Insights at Capture Intelligence.

Sustainability is at a pivotal point, in our industry and beyond - consider this three-part report a guide to mitigating your organisation's carbon footprint… without it costing the earth.

Part three now free for a limited time:


Part three of PMW’s State of Sustainability in Digital Advertising report is now free to all users for a limited time.

Part’s one and two can be accessed here and here.



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