Amazon Ads joins the podcast at Cannes

Episode 1 of PMW's 3-part podcast series covering Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity sets sail with Amazon Ads on connecting to customers with media magic, JP Morgan on invention versus innovation and frog on what skills marketers need to be creative in the machine era.


It's hot. There's rosé. A helicopter just landed on a catamaran. It can only be all the media leaders of the world gathering at Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity for its 70th year. 

PMW is on location covering the festival in our Cannes Versus Machine series by delving into the relationship between advertising creativity and data led performance marketing. As part of this we have a three-part podcast series interviewing some of the most influential brands and agencies in performance marketing, to get their views on Cannes Lions and what it all means for the industry.

This, the first episode, sits down with Phil Christer, UK MD at Amazon Ads to get behind the alchemy of media and creativity in advertising.

We also hear from frog's Chief Design Officer Chiara Diana and JP Morgan and Chase's CMO of Payments Dustin Sedgwick on creativity in the machine era, the skills marketers need and the important difference between innovation and invention.

The following two episodes in this podcast series will feature Samsung Ads, Snapchat, Kantar and more... so follow along!