AI? Who cares? Samsung Ads and Kantar join podcast at Cannes

In part two of PMW's Cannes podcast series we unlock the technologies that have blown up in the last year and how performance marketers can use them. PMW also talk through their best bits, including the Grand Prix winner for the Creative Data Lions.


"AI is more of an enabling tool right now than it is a replacement for genuine human creativity," says Kantar's EVP, Creative and Media Solutions, Steve Silvers.

For a topic that crops up in almost every talk at Cannes this year, no one seems that impressed.

In the second part of PMW's Cannes Versus Machine three-part podcast series, we sit down in a yacht to talk about Samsung Ads 'glass level view' of CTV as Andy Jones, Head of UK Sales, debunks its misconceptions. Jones explains how automatic content recognition changes the game for marketers and why acronyms (BVOD, SVOD, FAST, etc...) are so overrated, as consumers quite simply don't care or identify the difference.

Our next interview with Kantar delves into why generative AI is actually not a big deal or worth fussing about. We also ask the data analytics company to reveal its favourite bad ad that wouldn't win a Cannes Lion but might actually perform well!

The final episode of PMW's Cannes Versus Machine podcast will air next week with Snapchat, Jon Evans and Billion Dollar Boy.