Roblox offers brands’ the opportunity to scale innovation and self-serve their advertising

The promise of a more democratised ad-ecosystem should appeal to brands and Roblox’s new program's founding partners hope their long-term media spend commitments will alleviate trepidation from organisations hesitant to join up.

Online game platform and game creation system Roblox has launched a new Partner Program designed to scale brand innovation and enable a self-serve, global advertising ecosystem.

For brands, with the majority of platforms solely controlling the sales channels to their advertising product, Roblox’s program offers a more democratised system that leverages its user base of developers.

The more community-oriented approach is intended to engage a broader network of developers, agencies, brands and third-party sellers in global education and best practice sharing for brands to:

- Foster more self-serving advertising opportunities;

- Make the process more efficient; and

- Reduce costs spent on third-party platforms.

The Platform Program will offer developers the chance to participate in the growth of the Roblox Immersive Ads business and be rewarded with commission or ad credits, for a more transparent pricing offering that gets passed down to the platform’s entire network.

Partners have committed to helping brands enter Roblox

Roblox, with the creation of theThe program also intends to facilitate a smoother entry for brands looking to engage with the space for the first time.

The initial group of signed partners includes Century Games, dentsu, Dubit and Vayner3, all of which have made minimum media spend commitments to Roblox for the next 12 months, demonstrating a long-term commitment to both the program and supporting new brands entering the ecosystem.

Each partner possesses expertise with creating 3D immersive content, working with the Roblox community and innovative advertising offerings that can help other marketers who are new to the platform.

According to Roblox, the program offers brands the chance to better achieve their business goals through four main functions: platform education, research and measurement, product/content innovation, and Immersive ads for faster on-platform content discovery.

Ashley McCollum, Head of Immersive Media Solutions at Roblox, said: “We took a page from the traditional advertising books by building a Partner Program around our new media offering, but changed the game by making it community-forward and welcoming developers alongside agencies and brands so they can partake in the growth of our Immersive Ads business.

“The founding members of the Roblox Partner Program will be critical to driving brand innovation forward, ultimately enabling any and all brands to have a presence on Roblox."

Partners’ thoughts

The program offers incentives to encourage more partners to join, including advanced education, resources, data and insights from Roblox, as well as access to the same transparent pricing and financial incentives when offering Roblox Immersive Ads to their clients enjoyed by the broader community.

Xiang Shen, CTO of Roblox partner Century Games said : “Roblox serves as a smart destination for brands aiming to interact authentically with our vibrant community. This program provides another avenue for us to generate revenue, all while delivering organic and engaging content for our players.”

Andrew Douthwaite, Chief Commercial Officer at Dubit, commented: "BBy leveraging Roblox's advanced media products, we are able to continue innovating on the platform and amplify our brand experiences to new heights. Roblox is the go-to platform for brands seeking to connect with the next generation of consumers.”

Nic Hill, Co-founder and Head of Interactive at Sawhorse, concluded: "At this point, I feel like most savvy brands see the value of being on Roblox and tapping into its millions of daily active users.”