Cannes Lions Creative Data Awards: the winners

This year’s winners are proving that creativity and data can be a match made in heaven rather than two opposing forces.

Check out some of our favourites from this year’s roll call of Gold, Silver and Bronze winners across the Cannes Lions Awards 2023 Creative Data categories – with a special mention to Grand Prix winner, The Artois Probability, by agency GUT for AB InBev with its use of data and tech intertwined with historical knowledge to chart the probability of Stella Artois’ presence in historical paintings.

Read below for the full list of winners representing brands including Chipotle, Nike and Michelob ULTRA – while other winners admirably highlight the need to ‘show racism the red card’ in English football (and beyond) and break the stigma of self-checking for testicular cancer.

Chipotle Doppelganger – GOLD winner for Data Driven Targeting

Chipotle – incidentally the first restaurant to open a virtual location on Roblox – partnered with New York agency GALE to break through the cluttered email inbox to engage its biggest fans who take great pride in the ‘unique’ ways they customise their burritos.

The email campaign scanned data from millions of daily transactions to trigger personalised emails to ‘pairs’ of people ordering the same thing, at the same time, but in different cities. Data obtained from the Chipotle app means the brand can see how customers personalised their burritos out of a possible four million (or more) combinations, with the campaign highlighting the insight that their customisation is not as ‘personal’ as they may think.

If two people ordered the exact same thing within two minutes of each other, then they received a Chipotle Doppelganger email - designed to look more like a system alert rather than marketing – that showed the time, date and location of each order, with a list of ingredients. No personally identifiable information for either party featured.

Within four weeks of ‘go live’ the campaign sent 466,000 emails, with an open rate of 44% above the benchmark and a click rate of 176% above benchmark. The customers who received the emails delivered $4.8m in revenue.

World Cup Delivery - SILVER winner for Data Enhanced Creativity

Using public data from the location in real time of the flight that was bringing FIFA World Cup champions Argentina back to home soil with the trophy, Latin America delivery app PedidosYa was able to give users the experience of tracking their football heroes’ journey in the same way they would their food delivery.

In the middle of celebrations, PedidosYa sent a fake delivery notification to half of Argentina reading ‘Your order is on its way” - which triggered fears of hacking among users until they opened it. The map inside was linked to real-time data tracking the Argentina team’s flight home.

Done with the help of AI, using APIs from Google Maps and Flight Aware, the brand was in the mouths of all Argentinians over the 30+ hour flight. PedidosYa got more mentions than the national team and Lionel Messi, becoming the most viral World Cup trend and hitting a reach of 25 million.

Inflation Cookbook - BRONZE winner for Data-driven Consumer Product

Inflation Cookbook now has a weekly user base of more than 28,000 Canadians, with the average family saving at least 20.3% of their budget a week on their groceries. It’s a response to the pressures inflation is posing on Canadian families to manage food expenses but still eat healthily. Food Banks of Canada and Skip Express Lane partnered with Dentsu Creative to empower citizens to adapt to real-time price inflation and save on groceries.

Inflation Cookbook is a digital grocery tool tracking real-time food price data through a unique algorithm, covering around 400+ ingredients across 80+ locations. The information generates personalised recipes, based on a family’ size, location and budget, using ChatGPT’s API for recipe creation and midjourney5 for images. Insights include what – and what not – to buy.

The platform is forecast to have saved Canadian families more than $21.8m dollars, achieving more than 400 million media impressions and sending 3000 new customers to shop on SkipExpressLane in its first week.

McEnroe Vs McEnroe - BRONZE winner for Data Technology

Michelob Ultra is the second biggest beer brand in the US, despite struggles for the light-beer category which have seen sales fall annually over the past decade.

The concept of athletes crumbling under pressure to win and forgetting to enjoy themselves gave the brand and agency FCB the opportunity to remind people that joy is not an afterthought. It partnered with tennis legend John McEnroe to challenge the volatile personality to embrace enjoyment he denied himself, by using tech to allow him to play a real match against himself, with the world’s first human v. digital tennis match broadcast on ESPN.

To be able to watch the event, consumers responded to a CRM callout, and a VIP premiere hosted press and influencers. Calls to actions across digital trade, influencers, social media and PR encouraged people to tune in for the match. McEnroe was body-scanned and then motion-captured playing tennis. The avatar game system in Unreal Engine allowed the ‘virtual’ McEnroe to respond in real time to physical gameplay.

Sales of Michelob ULTRA were up 15% due to in-match promotions and the match was talked about in 52 countries. ESPN offered one hour of free media – calculated to be worth $20m.

The campaign earned over three billion impressions (10x original target), and between April and July 2022 Michelob ULTRA saw a 28% purchase intent lift among ESPN viewers.

Creative Data Lions: the oldest product placement in history?

Did Van Gogh and Monet unknowingly advertise Stella Artois? This year’s Grand Prix winner paired technology with fine art and demonstrated what AI in a creative should be.

When the Creative Data Lions were launched in 2015, there was a question over whether the two disciplines can truly come together. The work in this year’s category proves it can. Philip Thomas, Chairman of the Cannes Lions, said the work in this category for 2023 has “mastered the power of numbers and used them as tools for aspiration”.

The heart of the Creative Data awards questions how does knowing more make things different, how does knowing more make things better?

The Grand Prix winner for 2023 won by unanimous decision. It features one of the oldest forms of creative expression – art – and pairs it with AI for a light-hearted, intriguing and impressive work ‘The Artois Probability’ by Gut, Buenos Aires for Stella Artois.

The clever campaign traced the history of the beer brand – since its first brew in Belgium over 600 years ago – in works of fine art featuring a beer and calculated the probability that it was in fact a Stella. An impressive set of results included +7.28 MM impressions, +6.7 MM unique users and 24,000 people interacting at the Bellas Artes Museum.


With the use of AR, attendees to the gallery in Buenos Aires can scan the artwork and discover the likelihood that the painting was of a Stella Artois beer, based on historical contexts, colour of the liquid and shape of the glass.

The work’s use of AI – one of the most prevalent topics at Cannes this year – truly “explored what AI in creative can be”, said Jury President Samantha Hernandez, Jury President of Creative Data and CSO at Gut, Mexico City.

\With AI becoming a popular tool in a marketer’s toolbox, the jury had to ask of all the work entered: ‘is the idea AI, or is there an idea?’. If the idea is AI, then the work looks more like a demo than a piece of intelligent creativity.

The Winners in full


  • The Artois Probability, GUT, Bueno Aires for Stella Artois (Data Enhanced Creativity)


  • Chipotle Doppelganger, GALE, New York for Chipotle (Data-driven Targeting)
  • Fabric for England, McCann, London for Show Racism the Red Card (Data Storytelling)


  • World Cup Delivery, GUT, Bueno Aires for Pedidos Ya (Data Enhanced Creativity)
  • The Artois Probability, GUT, Bueno Aires for Stella Artois (Data Storytelling)
  • Transparency Card, AKQA, Sao Paulo for Congresso Em Foco (Use of Real Time Data)
  • Wall Street Balls, FP7 McCann Dubai for Testicular Cancer Society (Social Data & Insight)
  • Lay’s Smart Farm, Leo Burnett, Mumbai for Lay’s (Data Integration)


  • Inflation Cookbook, Dentsu Creative Toronto for Skip The Dishes (Data-driven Consumer Product)
  • Girls Who Code Girls, Mojo Supermarket for Girls Who Code (Data Storytelling)
  • Never Done Evolving Feat. Serena, AKQA Sao Paulo for Nike (Data Storytelling)
  • McEnroe Vs McEnroe, FCB New York for Michelob ULTRA (Data Technology)
  • Certified Human, Dentsu Creative, Chicago for Intel (Data Technology)
  • McDrop, DDB, Paris for McDonalds France (Social Data & Insight)
  • Where to Settle, McGann Poland, Warsaw for Mastercard (Data Integration)