Why are performance marketers even at Cannes Lions? Snapchat, Jon Evans and Billion Dollar Boy join the podcast

For a festival that boasts creativity, why is the presence of adtech and performance marketers bigger than ever before? This bumper episode finds how creativity and performance can truly work together, and if Cannes Lions winners actually perform.


In this extra special episode, we bring you three interviews: Snapchat, Jon Evans (host of the Uncensored CMO and CCO at System1) and Billion Dollar Boy.

[04:54] Snapchat's Fintan Gillespie explains why e-commerce is broken and how AR can bridge the 'phygital' gap. Fintan explains the data behind Snap's 'My AI' – one of the largest generative AI chatbots in the world – lets us in on the biggest secrets in the creator economy, and answers the question: why should performance marketers be interested in Snapchat?

[21:35] Up next, previous podcast guest Jon Evans, joins PMW to explain the difference between what wins at Cannes and what performs best, and how they don't actually correlate. He reveals the secret to the highest scoring ad at System1 and why it's never seen at Cannes, how Aldi competes with John Lewis in the Christmas ad competition and why the definition of creativity is too narrow.

[44:56] The final interview sits down the ex-Meta CMO of Billion Dollar Boy, Becky Owen, on the freedom after Meta, why 'influencer' is an outdated term and the love/hate relationship with the industry.

And that's a wrap of our podcast Cannes coverage! To check it all out head to PMW's Cannes Versus Machine series.

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