Q: Is generative AI an opportunity or a threat for creativity? A: “It’s entirely a balance actually”

Adludio’s Paul Coggins spends 'One Minute in Cannes with...' PMW to talk about the three ‘As’ that will increasingly power modern creativity and the defiant optimism of the industry in the face of economic challenges.

Paul Coggins, CEO of AI-powered platform Adludio, takes one minute (and a bit) out of his busy schedule at Cannes Lions to talk to PMW about the three As that will increasingly drive modern creativity. The first may be an obvious nod to AI, but watch below to find out the other two...

Coggins also discusses the balancing act of using generative AI to ensure it is an opportunity rather than a threat – acknowledging the technology’s capability to “fundamentally change the way the industry works” – while being unable to hide his excitement that post-COVID, Cannes Lions is “back with a bang”.