Why persistence and patience are key in performance marketing – Victoria Pace, CJ

“Filling your own cup first” is how this PMW 30 Under 30 winner rose to success.

Victoria Pace – PMW 30 Under 30 winner
Senior Client Development Manager

Q. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I have received in my career so far is to make sure you fill your own cup by my very first manager, Monique Zapata-Kaufman, VP of Client Development at CJ. 

As a mentor, it is important to focus on being supportive for others, however it is even more important to be your own advocate and supporter first. Whether that is setting and exceeding personal/professional goals or simply being intentional about being kinder to yourself, to drive valuable change everyone should focus on filling their own cup first.  

Q. How do you get motivated? 

My team keeps me motivated! I am inspired by having a front row seat to my team’s growth and career progression. I am motivated to work harder and be a better leader by witnessing their hard work pay off and leave a positive impact.

Q. What top three skills do you think are essential for a performance marketer? 

Collaborative: Performance marketing will never be a one person show, so having a team that supports and builds each other up will be more successful and happier in the end. There are many pieces of the puzzle of driving success in performance marketing and I think of my team as the outside pieces of the puzzle that create the structure for the rest of the puzzle to come together in the center.

Adaptable: Performance marketers need to quickly and effectively adjust based on constantly changing trends and macroeconomic factors. An adaptable marketer maintains proactivity to increase efficiency in navigating necessary adjustments.

Tenacious: A balance between persistence and patience is the recipe for success in performance marketing. There will always be goals that seem unreachable or challenges that seem insurmountable, a tenacious person works through anything that is thrown in their path and persists through to the end goal.