Three things you might have missed this week that you probably shouldn’t ignore…

In the wake of PMW’s Cannes Lions coverage, our 30 Under 30 Awards Winners, newly published case studies and of course all the news analysis you could ask for, it’s understandable if some things fell through the cracks – fortunately, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you might have missed from the past seven days.

As another week draws to a close, why not finish it off productively and set yourself up for a fulfilling weekend? With that in mind, here’s three things you might have missed that are worth revisiting.

Meta shelves news sharing on Facebook and Instagram for Canada-based users amid a controversial legislative change, learn how Making Science and Carrefour supercharged the lifetime value predictions of newly acquired customers and catch our third and final Cannes Lions podcast answering the question: why were performance marketers there anyway?

1. Publishers strike back: Meta axes news sharing in Canada after controversial legislation passes senate floor

Important news for marketers and publishers alike, the Canadian Government’s new legislation– requiring publishers to be compensated for their news content being shared across social media platforms – has seen Meta throw the baby out with the bathwater and metaphorically say, “no more news for you”.

Mirroring the repercussions in Australia when similar legislation passed in 2021, Canada-based users of Facebook and Instagram will no longer be able to share news stories on these platforms.

The impact of this? Seeing as social media has become a prolific source of consumers’ news, there is potential for this decision to mean less eyes are on Meta’s platforms. Perhaps brands will begin to question if their ad dollars should be invested into alternative channels like retail media.

Aarti Suri, Global Strategy Manager, Publisher, at Permutive, believes this will be the case, telling PMW: “Meta’s failure to realise the power of news and premium publishers in an era of fake news and brand safety will see more budgets spent directly with publishers.”

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2. How Carrefour leveraged machine learning tech to increase lifetime value ROAS for newly acquired customers by 45%

Omnichannel grocery retailer Carrefour Group partnered with digital acceleration provider Making Science to refine its strategy for predicting the future lifetime value (LTV) of newly acquired customers, and enjoyed a 45% increase in return on adspend (ROAS) for customers in this space over a six month period.

Leaning on an A/B testing method, the partnership saw the implementation of a machine learning model that predicts the LTV for newly acquired customers, allowing Carrefour to better drive long-term loyalty from new customers while reducing the cost-per-acquisition.

Xavier Klein, Marketing Services Director, Making Science, said of the results: “The predictive signals, made possible by advanced machine learning, have bridged the gap between the known historical data of returning customers and the prospective LTV of those newly acquired.”

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3. Why are performance marketers at Cannes Lions? Snapchat, Jon Evans and Billion Dollar Boy join the podcast

In this extra special episode of Cannes Versus Machine, we bring you three interviews with three industry heavyweights: Snapchat, Jon Evans (host of the Uncensored CMO and CCO at System1) and Billion Dollar Boy.

We find how creativity and performance can truly work together, and if Cannes Lions winners actually perform when confronted with the public eye…

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And with that, you are free to go about your weekends. Whether you'll be reading in the park, hiking in the sun or enjoying a Netflix binge session, frankly, it’s none of my business, but congratulations on getting through another week and finishing it off so strongly. We’ll see you bright and early Monday morning to deliver the latest performance marketing news, features, podcasts, analysis and more!