Comparison is the enemy of confidence – Katie Yang, Global Performance Commerce

This 30 Under 30 winner tells PMW her top skills and the important ability to ‘pivot’ when needed.

Katie Yang – PMW 30 Under 30 winner
VP Brand Marketing and Strategic Partnerships
DFO GPC Global Performance Commerce

What is the best advice you've ever received? 

The best advice I have ever received was to never compare myself to others. The second I changed my mindset and put myself in my own lane, I was able to truly step outside of the comfort zone. I was able to focus my time and efforts to be the best version of myself that I knew I could be. 

What does it mean to win a PMW 30 Under 30 award?

I am honored to be amongst other industry leaders in such a prestigious accolade. It is nice to be acknowledged in making a positive impact now and for the future generations to come in the industry. I love that this industry is always evolving and being able to pivot when needed is key. 

What top three skills do you think are essential for a performance marketer? 

The top three essential skills would be problem solving, interpersonal, and adaptability.