Top 5 adtech tools this week: Revolut, Ozone, Shopify, Semrush and Yahoo

From ‘financial super app’ ads to measuring carbon impact at campaign level, here’s our round-up of new ways to power up your tech stack.

Each week, the PMW editorial team selects five of the latest product releases from the adtech and martech worlds, with our verdict on why they made the cut – and why you should pay attention.

This week:

  • Revolut: connecting brands to ‘financial super app’ via new ad solutions

  • Ozone: ECOzone tool quantifies carbon impact ‘at campaign level’

  • Shopify: ‘Collabs’ solution matches creators to brands to power e-commerce

  • Semrush: Integration with Storyblok CMS to improve content performance

  • Yahoo: Backstage tool gives DSP advertisers direct path to curated, premium publisher inventory.


Revolut help brands connect with ‘financial super app’ via new ad solutions

The additions come as Revolut strengthens its suite of ‘Lifestyle’ products, including cashback shopping features with Shops and Rewards, as well as its accommodation service, Stays, for which bookings increased by more than 130% in the UK, year-on-year.

How it works:

The new advertising formats include widgets, banners and carousels, alongside sponsored search listings, all launching in the coming months. They will soon be released in the UK, followed by nine additional European markets: Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Romania and Poland, in the coming months.

What the provider says: 

Christopher Guttridge, Revolut General Manager, Lifestyle Products, said: “With over 30 million customers globally using the Revolut app for everyday spending, budgeting, cashback rewards, shopping, accommodation bookings, and more, we have an incredible customer base for brands to connect with. We look forward to the impact the new advertising formats will bring to the company and to our growth ambitions."

The PMW view

Revolut already allows the brands and companies that it partners with the opportunity to purchase advertising space, but this move signals how it envisions its new ‘superapp’ drive; exploring and developing advertising solutions for brands while looking at more verticals to expand into for its users.


Ozone’s ECOzone tool quantifies carbon impact ‘at campaign level’

As part of Ozone’s fifth birthday celebrations, the premium publisher digital ad platform has  launched a carbon emissions measure – ECOzone. 

How it works:

The initiative will calculate the carbon footprint of campaign delivery for activity run through the platform’s Managed Service capability. ECOzone measurements will initially focus on the efficiency of Ozone’s platform in delivering premium publisher impressions to advertisers, many of whom are already focused on delivering more carbon efficient creatives. 

The metrics will be included in every managed service post campaign analysis delivered by the business, with a staggered roll out across Q3 including a formal launch Q&A session with agency partners planned for early August. Measurements are calculated using actual emissions data collected from Ozone’s cloud partners – Ozone’s primary source of CO2 raw data. A weekly average figure based on the amount of CO2 used to deliver each impression is calculated from a dataset verified by independent environmental consultancy Green Element, as part of a full audit of the Ozone business. Each campaign is then factored by this amount to give a bespoke CO2 measurement for that activity.

What the provider says: 

Dora Michail-Clendinnen, Chief Strategy Officer, Ozone said, “We’re excited to launch ECOzone to provide a more granular, robust and transparent view of the carbon footprint of Ozone's managed service campaigns. We have deliberately focused on the element of campaign delivery that we have direct control over, to provide advertisers with the reassurance that campaign delivery is as carbon efficient as possible across the premium web.”

The PMW view

Sustainability has become an increasingly important consideration in the ad supply chain, and this new initiative from Ozone marks another important step towards measuring impact at a more granular level. The ECOzone initiative is the first customer-facing activity from Ozone’s extensive work to measure and reduce carbon emissions across its owned platform. In 2022 alone, Ozone claims that while the number of bid requests received increased three-fold, engineering expertise ensured that the average CO2 per billion bid requests reduced by 52%.


Shopify ‘Collabs’ tool matches creators to brands to power e-commerce

Independent UK brands, including French Connection, Color Wow and Three Spirit Drinks will be among the many available for creators to partner with on Shopify’s Collabs Network. 

How it works: 

Collabs Network enables brands to allow their product to be promoted by any verified Collabs creator without an approval process. Instead of manually finding and vetting creators, brands can set a commission on products and these offers will be automatically shown to all verified Collabs creators in the app. 

Meanwhile creators can start making money instantly. So a beauty influencer hosting a makeup tutorial on YouTube, or a fashion influencer selling this summer’s latest trends on Instagram,  can start earning faster than ever. Once approved in the Collabs Network, they can find products and generate product commission links to start making sales instantly. Over half a million creators have signed up with the Collabs Network worldwide, and TikTok and Instagram star Isabelle Kate will be one of the first in the UK to join.

What the provider says:

“Shopify Collabs is our commitment to enabling more people to become entrepreneurs and achieve economic independence,” said Deann Evans, Managing Director, Shopify EMEA. “For both creators looking to monetise their platforms and brands looking to reach new customers at a time when the cost of customer acquisition has gone up by as much as 80%, Shopify Collabs enables easier, more efficient and more profitable collaboration. With hundreds of thousands of creators already signed up in the US, we’re excited to bring Collabs to the UK and usher new possibilities for creators and brands alike.”

The PMW view

The creator economy has lacked the infrastructure to enable partnerships to be formed quickly, simply, and transparently, so brands have often taken the easy way out and allocated advertising budgets to generic audiences, instead of working with creators whose followers are their brands' ideal buyers. Shopify is pitching the Collabs Network as a new way for these brands and creators to kick start affiliate relationships instantly and work together in a way that removes friction and wasted time.


Semrush partners with Storyblok to improve content performance

Enterprise CMS Storyblok has partnered with online visibility management SaaS platform Semrush, letting marketers  take control of SEO while creating content.

How it works:

The partnership will enable marketing teams to take advantage of a user-friendly SEO solution directly embedded in Storyblok's CMS to tailor their content by topic and market and create effective marketing campaigns. The custom application helps users search for the most popular keywords, taking into account the location where the marketing campaign will be carried out.  The partnership between Storyblok and Semrush is designed to help marketers save time by taking control of SEO in marketing campaigns during the content creation process. 

What the providers say: 

James Rineer, Partnership Development Manager, Semrush, said: “Through our technology partnership, we have developed a solution to help Storyblok users better optimise content with Semrush’s global keyword database. We are excited to partner with Storyblok and provide its users with even greater value by enabling them to tailor their content by topic and market to improve overall content performance.”

Barry D’Arcy, VP of Partners, Storyblok, said: “Partnering with Semrush allows us to co-innovate and deliver better digital outcomes. With this integration, Storyblok’s customers can access Semrush's powerful SEO and content marketing tools, which help businesses plan and execute effective digital marketing strategies. The Storyblok and Semrush integration is a valuable, easy-to-activate solution for marketers who want to take complete control of their marketing campaigns and optimise their online presence to drive more website traffic.”

The PMW view

SEO has evolved beyond just ‘10 blue links on Google’ and into social media, e-commerce platforms and beyond. But balancing good content and ‘good SEO content’ has always been tricky. Having Semrush tools integrated directly into Storyblok’s CMS and technology ecosystem, which includes many innovative solutions from partners such as BigCommerce, Netlify, and Cloudinary, makes this less of a challenge for marketers.

Yahoo gives DSP advertisers a direct path to curated, premium publisher inventory via ‘Backstage’ tool 

In response to the evolving industry need for transparency and supply path optimisation, Yahoo Backstage enables publishers to integrate directly with the Yahoo DSP. 

How it works:

Offered alongside continued access to other major industry ad exchanges, Yahoo DSP advertisers will be able to maximise media spend through an unobstructed supply path to curated premium inventory that results in improved performance and greater transparency. Yahoo Advertising's publisher partners are also given direct access to high-quality demand, streamlined buying paths, a greater share of working media dollars, and dedicated support from Yahoo Advertising's team for effective management of their business needs. 

Upon its launch, over 100 publishers have signed on to Yahoo Backstage, including A+E Networks, Dotdash Meredith, Newsweek, Raptive, and The Arena Group, in addition to Yahoo-owned and operated properties. Yahoo Backstage will be made available to all Yahoo DSP advertisers in Q3 2023.

What the provider says:

"We are laser-focused on meeting the evolving industry need, and are excited to offer advertisers a direct line to our premium publisher partners," said Elizabeth Herbst-Brady, Chief Revenue Officer, Yahoo. "With trusted publisher relationships and Yahoo’s owned and operated content, we are best positioned to provide advertisers with the most unobstructed supply path, ensuring they achieve the greatest possible results."

What the clients say: 

“The ad industry has reached a tipping point for transparency, driving a shift towards more efficient supply paths,” said Sam Bloom, CEO, Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media. “Yahoo’s strong publisher relationships – specifically in the CTV space – bring critical scale and reach to SPO.”

"We have had a long-standing partnership with Yahoo Advertising, and its commitment to delivering value and opportunities to the publisher community has been unwavering," said Tom Grainger, Director of Programmatic, A+E Networks. "The direct-to-publisher offering further solidifies its position as a trusted partner, and we are excited about the prospects it brings to publishers like us."

The PMW view

Since the advent of automated media buying, the ad industry has been looking for supply path optimisation and transparency along the supply chain from advertisers to publishers via programmatic ad exchanges. Yahoo is hoping to meet this challenge with its DSP for advertisers while maximising media spend and ROI for its clients.