Consumers want to blend brand and performance too – Rebecca Fry, OMG

Social commerce’s growth both streamlines and fragments customer journeys. How does this PMW 30 Under 30 winner want to change the industry?

Rebecca Fry – PMW 30 Under 30 Winner
Head of Product, E-Commerce
Omnicom Media Group 

What do you want to change in the industry in the future? 

Something I expect to change is the worlds of brand and performance marketing blending more, with boundaries becoming more and more blurred. The growth of the social commerce and conversational commerce worlds mean that consumer journeys will naturally become both more streamlined and fragmented at the same time, and the products that platforms are launching mean that brands will be able to do more, with less, in some instances – and consumers will want this too. What I’d like to see as a result is these (sometimes siloed) teams collaborating more, and really thinking like the consumer – as ultimately, consumers will hold more of the power ongoing!

What does it mean to win a PMW 30 Under 30 award? 

It’s an incredible honour to have been selected alongside some incredible industry talent, who are shaping the performance marketing world of tomorrow. As the performance marketing world continues to evolve rapidly, it’s really exciting that the role of commerce in this space is being recognised, and how commerce expertise can work hand in hand with ‘traditional’ performance marketing to drive even greater results for clients.

Where will you keep your trophy? 

Next to my London Marathon medal from earlier in the year! Two big achievements for me this year that have required dedication, hard work, but have also been a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding.

How do you get motivated? 

Enjoyment is key – if something doesn’t bring me happiness in some way, I’ll really struggle! I’m a true believer that there is good in every day, and this can be applied to every situation, whether work or otherwise. This drives me to always want to learn new things, as there could be something I’ll enjoy right around the corner and I just haven’t discovered it yet!