Performance marketing is weirdly inaccessible – Victoria Daka, Mediahub

People still don’t see the jobs behind the ads in performance marketing. This 30 Under 30 winner wants to change that.

Victoria Daka – PMW 30 Under 30 Winner 
Biddable Manager

What does it mean to win a PMW 30 Under 30 award? 

It’s hard to describe how it feels, I’m overwhelmingly happy about it because I really do work hard. I got into the industry in 2020, finding my footing while navigating the effects of the pandemic. To see how I’ve grown and to be recognised for my growth is amazing. It’s only up from here!

What do you want to change in the industry in the future?

I think that this industry is weirdly inaccessible, a lot of people see ads on social media, but they don’t know that there’s an actual job that comes with it. I would love to work with young people who are starting to think about their careers to show them that marketing is an option that comes in many shapes and sizes and help them start their journeys.

Where will you keep your trophy?

My trophy is going to live next to a framed photo of me and my dad, he would have loved to see where I am now.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

One of the most helpful pieces of advice I’ve ever received was from a previous line manager. She told me to always be curious: always ask ‘why’, ask for more information, ask questions even if you’re mostly sure of the answer. Since getting that advice, I’ve constantly applied it to my professional life and it has driven me to learn, learn and keep on learning.