News Short: IPA Bellwether Q2 2023 – The good, the bad and the future of advertising

The IPA's Bellwether report dropped first thing this morning. This News Short podcast episode gives you the good, the bad and the future of adland as reported by IPA in just over five minutes.


No business likes to hear the word 'uncertainty'. But facts, figures and forecasts can help brands remain confident during times of crisis and unpredictable consumer behaviours.

To provide marketers from brands and agencies with clarity for their own media planning, and their competitors', PMW delves into the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising's (IPA) Bellwether quarterly report, revealing where UK ad budgets were spent and the forecast of the year to come.

To save you reading the whole report, PMW's Premium Content Editor, Sarah Dennis, gives you the good, the bad and the future of adland in just over 5 minutes.

Read PMW's full summary of the report here, and follow PMW's reporting of marketers' reactions to the report over the next few days here: SUBSCRIBE.